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Reiki is a Japanese term that translates to “life force energy”.
Reiki uses universal energy to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

I am a Certified Reiki Healer.
My ability to see your Aura (your body’s energy shield) and Chakras
(your body’s energy centers) provides me with an accurate read on your physical and spiritual health.  Health and nutritional insights are provided for you based on what I receive.  Due to the fact that energy knows no distance, distance healing is a wonderful alternative to hands on healing for you and your pets.

Your Reiki Healing Process…

Your healing is received by providing me with your name and/or photo.

I recommend enjoying one or all of the following after your sessions:
* Glass of filtered water
* Refreshing salt scrub shower
* 20 minute sea salt bath soak

Results can be felt after your first session if your blocks are ready to be released.

Reiki Healing Benefits…

Stress reduction * Sleep assistance * Breaking addictions
Raising energy vibrations * Immune support * Emotional cleansing
Aura Cord Cutting

I’m just thrilled to let everyone know that I received a distance healing session from Denise.  It was two sessions split into two evenings.  I felt absolutely amazing after the first session.  I had to check in with Denise to make sure I was feeling the energy correctly.  I was excited and so looking forward to the second session.  I prepared before I went to sleep by giving permission to Denise and the higher powers to heal my years of lower back pain.  I felt really good after the second session with Denise.  Denise shared with me how to continue the healing process afterward. ~Colleen, NJ

Reiki Healing Scheduling – $129.99

Three 20 Min sessions are scheduled for your best results.  I recommend scheduling all three sessions within a 30 day time span.  Healings should be scheduled at a time when you will be in a relaxed state.  No live phone or chat scheduling is required to receive your healings.
I will check in with you after three days.
You may provide a photo of yourself or a pet in your return email below.

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