Feng Shui

Denise DivineD

Feng Shui (fung shway) is the ancient Chinese art of placement.
Feng Shui design is all about balancing and harmonizing your environment’s chi (energy) for greater abundance. 

Through the use of colors, design, and compass directions, you can truly transform your environments.  A transformed environment translates to a transformed life.

Feng Shui design helps you achieve greater abundance in the following:

Romance  * Family  * Children
Education * Creativity * Travel
Finances * Career * Networking

Your Feng Shui Design Consultation – $99.99

My professional feng shui expertise provides you with valuable intuitive insights.  I offer you over 20 years expertise in online and in-person feng shui design.  You are provided with an honest and practical understanding about the energies that your home is attracting.  Intuitive feng shui design and event room recommendations are provided to increase your home’s harmonic balance.  Your date of birth is used to determine your prosperous home directions.

Your 60 Min Full Home Skype Consultation Includes:

Entry * Living Room * Dining Room
Kitchen * Bedrooms * Bathrooms * Office

You are welcome to provide room photos in the return email.  

Please state your home’s compass layout below.
Ex: Bedroom in the SW

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