Face & Palm Readings

Denise DivineD

Face Readings

Face Reading aka Physiognomy dates back to the time of Aristotle.  It’s the ancient art of character reading based on the physical features of your face.
Your face reading describes your love style to your communication styles. 

The beauty of Face Reading is that it does not read you based on the color of your skin, makeup, etc. It reads you on your unique and divine features.  Each feature brings out a strength and lesson for you to love and appreciate.  The Face Reading Compatibility will look at where you and a partner match in mental outlooks to communications.

Angelina Jolie’s Mini Face Reading

Your Face Reading covers the following facial features:

Forehead * Eyebrows * Eyes
Ears * Nose * Cheeks
Mouth * Chin

* Attach your photos after contacting me for your email readings below. 

Face Reading – $29.99
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Face Reading Compatibility – $49.99
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Palm Readings

Intuitive Palm Reading takes a look at your palm’s appearance for clues about your  past, present, and future. 
Accurate insights about your life’s purpose and personality are revealed.

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Palm Reading – Writing Hand – $29.99
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Palm Reading – Both Hands – $49.99
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