Your 2019 Starter Kit

The Year 2019's #3 energy post was all about seeing the funny side of things.  Anyone with a healthy sense of humor will find 2019 to be a funny year.  Here are some popular memes and their attached items to have on hand... Tea - Enjoy an internal warm hug of hot tea this winter.  … Continue reading Your 2019 Starter Kit


Spiritual Travel Vlogging

Spiritual and Leisure travel will continue as new generations take it on with a passion.  Generation Z and Generation A will surely understand the meaning of "me, myself, and I" when it comes to "me time" travels...and everything else!  I shared several posts so far on what we can look forward to with future travels.  … Continue reading Spiritual Travel Vlogging

New Moon

New Moons are all about fresh starts and new beginnings.  They provide energy for pushing forward after the two week Full Moon rest and release phase.  I'm no stranger to recommending music that resonates with me, esp since I've become a fan of music outside of the U.S.  I was too late to the JBJ … Continue reading New Moon