Widow’s Peak in Face Reading

I discussed the unique Dimples feature in the previous blog post HERE.  I will continue to use the adorable BTS members as my muse examples for Widow's Peaks as well.  We have the adorable "Jikook" ship (Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook) above as a visual example.  Jungkook's Widow's Peak is under his hair.  As someone … Continue reading Widow’s Peak in Face Reading


Dimples in Face Reading

Dimples have always been a cute feature on the young and "old".  The "how old?" is usually a guessing game for many.  Assume 20+ for any images on the site. Dimples bring forth wonderful qualities for those who possess them. Dimpled individuals are youthful, charmers/flirts, and humorous.  We are a smooth bunch that can go … Continue reading Dimples in Face Reading