Feng Shui Party Planning

feng shui party planning

Create greater harmony and flow at your party with Feng Shui Design.
Here are some important factors to keep in mind when you are designing your
party space.

Compass Directions and Elements

 Feng shui design operates best when you utilize your home or party space’s
compass directions.

North Sector – Water helped by Metal
Northeast Sector – Earth helped by Fire
East Sector – Wood helped by Water
Southeast Sector – Wood helped by Water
South Sector – Fire helped by Wood
Southwest Sector – Earth helped by Fire
West Sector – Metal helped by Earth
Northwest Sector – Metal helped by Earth

Furniture Arranging

Make sure your furniture is placed away from the walls.
You want to leave enough space for chi (energy) to flow around buffet tables and seating groups.
Create designated spaces for eating, socializing, dancing, and relaxing.

You want your guests to be able to circulate your party spaces easily and effortlessly.
Place circular tables for drinks and appetizers throughout your party.
Keep seating comfortable with pillows, armrests, and plenty of room to spread.

Food and Drinks

The types of foods and drinks that you serve will depend on your party’s theme.
Make sure your food choices incorporate the five elements
(fire, water, earth, metal, wood).
Spicy dishes bring out the fire element.
Cool and refreshing dishes bring out the water element.
Having an assortment of appetizers and elemental dishes will allow guests to feel balanced.
Arrange buffet tables to flow by varying the heights of your food dishes.


Make sure you have a designated spot for party games and bands.
Balance musical genres for a yin and yang flow.
You will want to place your entertainment away from the quieter areas.
A great location for entertainment is the South sector of your home and/or party space. 

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The Feng Shui Garden

feng shui garden

Feng Shui incorporates both compass directions and elements in its design style.  Each compass direction relates to a particular area in your life.
Use this guide to decorate your garden with flowers, garden décor,
sitting groups, and more.

The Beneficial Elements Cycle

Water helps Wood helps Fire helps Earth helps Metal

North – Water Element – Career

* Ponds, fountains, waterfalls, pools, hot tubs, etc
* Blue or black rock dry river beds
* Blue and black
* Helped by metal elements

Northeast – Earth Element – Spiritual Growth

* Sitting benches
* Crystals, rocks, etc
* Clay pots, clay statues
* Beige, tan, pastel yellows
* Helped by fire elements

East – Wood Element – Health & Family

* Trees, plants, bushes, etc
* Wood play centers
* Green and brown
* Helped by water elements

Southeast – Wood Element – Wealth

* Trees, plants, bushes, etc
* Green and brown
* Helped by water elements

South – Fire Element – Fame

* Solar lights, twinkle lights, etc
* Red, purple, pink, orange, and yellow
* Helped by wood elements

Southwest – Earth Element – Love & Relationships

* Love seat, paired items, coupled statues
* Crystals, rocks, etc
* Clay pots, clay statues
* Beige, tan, pastel yellows
* Helped by fire elements

West – Metal Element – Children & Creativity

* Metal wind chimes, metal statues, etc
* Silver, gold, bronze, copper, white, gray
* Helped by earth elements

Northwest – Metal Element – Helpful People & Travel

* Metal wind chimes, metal statues, spiritual symbols, etc
* Silver, gold, bronze, copper, white, gray
* Helped by earth elements 

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5 Ways to Feng Shui Your Purse

gold purse

The Element of Water (blue and black) represents money flow.
The Element of Metal (white, gold, silver) represents stability.
The Element of Wood (green and brown) represents financial growth.

You will want to make sure that your purse and wallet exudes luxury.
This allows you to attract greater luxury into your life.

1.   Declutter

The best way to begin any manifestation process is to start with a clean slate
(mental, emotional, and physical).
Start by dumping everything out of your purse and wallet.
This will allow you to see how your life and finances are being cluttered.

2.  Organize Your Wallet’s Cash

* Have atleast one $100 bill to remind you that you always have enough.
A wallet that has physical cash in it allows your subconscious to feel wealthy and attract even more wealth.

3. Keep Your Change

Transfer your coins to a savings jar at the end of the day.
You can easily transfer it into gift cards and cash when it’s full.

4.  Organize Your Wallet’s Cards

Keep your most used discount cards on your key chain.

5.  Organize Your Purse

Less is truly more when it comes to the Feng Shui Purse.
Rock a small purse that has a zipper and pockets for any of the following…

– Golf Pencil or Pen with a Mini Notepad
– Mini Hand Sanitizer
–  Chapstick, Wet Wipes, Eye drops, Qtips, Mini Sewing Kit, etc
– Mints, Nuts, Folding Water Bottle, etc
– Cell Phone

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Angelina Jolie’s Mini Face Reading

angelina jolie

Today we will take a look at Angelina’s Forehead, Eyebrows, Eyes, and Mouth.
This mini Face Reading covers a few of the facial features that are included in your
Face Reading.


Angelina’s forehead reveals a great leader in her field.  She has certainly made her mark in the film industry.   She is a hard worker who has become quite successful.  She strives to reach new goals each and every day.  Despite the fact that Angelina has stated that she doesn’t have many female friends, she is actually very easy going and approachable.  The fact that she is a bit unconventional and prefers to work independently may be the problem.  Her forehead also indicates that money can be a very big motivation for her.  She keeps it fair in her business dealings though.  She wants everyone to get an equal share.  Her challenge is bossiness.
She enjoys being the boss when she can.
Her characters are often strong and independent for this reason. 

Numerology insights reveal similar characteristics with her first letter “A” 
aka the “Numero Uno” number.


Angelina loves starting new projects, traveling, and being a creative force.   It’s the follow through that trips her up.
A good director and/or partner helps to keep her motivated and on track.
Angelina is an emotional woman who loves to give.  She is much more sensitive than people realize.  She is an intelligent woman who is always thinking about her next venture.  She enjoys multitasking with her children.
Her eyebrows match up quite well with her Gemini Astrology Sign.  She loves to talk and share her knowledge.  Adventure and action draw her in.  She will go to the ends of the Earth for a new discovery.  This explains her Tomb Raider movies!  Having fulfillment in her relationships is very important to her. 


Angelina’s eyes reveals a sensitive nature.  She loves to bond with her children.  She wants to know their deepest secrets.  She usually has an optimistic view of life.  A breakup, divorce, or loss of any kind can really devastate her.  Her love runs deep.  This creates a loyal individual who wants to truly merge with her partner.  Her large eyes indicate an open soul that wants to invite you in.  Her interest in the occult contributes to her mystery.  She has a way of blurring between light and dark energies.


Angelina’s mouth reveals a woman that speaks her mind.  She can talk about anything and everything.  She doesn’t know the meaning of the word “controversial”.  Everything is open for discussion and/or experimentation.  She is a sexual individual who is free in her expressions.  She equally gives and takes in love.  She expects the same give and take from others.  She has a free spirit and a great sense of humor.  Her mouth creates an attractive aura around her.  This makes both men and women crush on her.  She is fully aware of her sexual magnetism.  She will definitely use it to get what she wants.  This brings about a very persuasive individual.  Her exotic energy sources from her mouth.

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Top 10 Ways to a Great Night’s Sleep

sleeping tips

Do You Want More Sleep?

A great night’s sleep is necessary for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.
A good 8-10 hours of sleep benefits your memory, life span, body’s metabolism, and brain’s alertness.  Sleep alleviates stress, depression, and inflammatory diseases.

Here are 10 ways to achieve a good night’s sleep tonight.

1.  Lavender Oil 
Lavender oil is a relaxing oil that only requires a dab.
Dab on the soles of your feet for instant absorption, your neck, and/or your scalp.

2.  Organic Chamomile Tea
Chamomile tea is a warm and soothing tea to enjoy 30 minutes
before bedtime.  It’s a wonderful way to wind down for the night.

3.  Magnesium Powder
The body requires magnesium for muscle and nerve health.
We can get it from our food and/or supplements.  The reason many of us are irritable and/or constipated is due to a lack of magnesium.  Smokers are the most deficient.  Magnesium is a natural stress reliever as well. 

4.  Eye Masks
Eye masks are great for blocking out distracting light.
The brain instantly goes into sleeping mode in pitch darkness.

5.  Ear Plugs
Ear plugs can assist you on vacations and/or next
to a snoring partner.  I would suggest that you or your partner sleep in different rooms if it’s really bad.  Your health comes first.

6.  Rain Soundtracks
Who doesn’t love the sound of rain?
Some of our best sleep comes during a rainstorm.
Zzzz off to sleep with a free 24/7 rain stream at rainymood.com.

7.  Satin Sheets
Combine with satin pajamas and you’re good to go!

8.  Eggcrate Mattress Pad
Eggcrate mattress pads are an affordable way to make your
mattress feel like an organic memory foam mattress.
I highly recommend investing in both though.

9.  Pillows
Body pillows and memory foam pillows are great for receiving a great night’s sleep.
Sleep on two satin pillows at night for the perfect beauty sleep.
This will reduce bags and black circles from forming.
Place a pillow between your legs to align your body if you sleep on your side.
The ideal beauty sleep position is on your back though.

10.  Blackout Curtains
The brain instantly goes into sleeping mode
with pitch darkness.  Combine with a blackout eye mask for great sleeping results. 

Mental and/or Emotional Sleeping Blocks? 

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5 Ways to Feng Shui for Love

feng shui for love

Feng Shui (fung shway) is the ancient chinese art of
placement.  Feng Shui design is all about balancing and harmonizing your environment’s chi (energy).  Through the use of colors, design, and compass directions, you can truly transform your environments.  A transformed environment translates to a transformed life.  Here are five ways to transform your love life today.

1.  Declutter 

Clutter creates energy blocks in your environment.
Get organized by ridding everything that’s nolonger working in your life.
Divide your home into sections for daily or weekly decluttering.
Create bins labeled Trash, Donate, File, and Recycle.
Take your bins to their designated dumping grounds at the end of each day.
This will help you to stay organized and avoid overwhelm for the next day’s tasks.
Take a look at everything from furniture clutter to paper clutter.
The feng shui energy starts grooving the minute you start moving!

2.  Southwest Sector

The Southwest sector is known as your Love and Relationships
sector.  This is the area that governs all of your relationships
(business, family, friends, romance).
Bring in pinks, yellows, beige, white, and a little red to the Southwest.

3.  Pair Items 

Love starts within before it manifests outward.
See yourself paired up by pairing everything else up.  Enjoy two end tables
next to a cozy loveseat, artwork that displays a couple in love, and/or a lovely
dining table set for two.  The pairings are truly endless.

4.  Bedroom Decor

Your bedroom rules your health and relationships.
Pay attention to the design and decor of the environment.
Make sure that your bed has a side table on each side.
This will manifest equal partnerships.
Have a strong headboard and baseboard as well.
This will manifest stability and security in your relationships.
Bring in the essence of sensuality with silk sheets, faux sheepskin rugs, and cozy blankets.  You want to create a relaxing and cozy environment for yourself.

Bedroom No Nos
Avoid blacks and blues.  These colors are associated with the water element.
You don’t want to water down your relationships.
Avoid a home office in the bedroom.  Your bedroom is for rest and relaxation.
Avoid mirrors that reflect the bed.  Mirrors bounce energy around.  This disturbs your health and sleep.  Mirrors can also create a “third party” energy in your relationship.  Televisions should be covered up or taken out.
You want your bedroom to be a sanctuary where the only distraction is your partner.

5.  Create Your Ideal Partner

Knowing what you want will save you a lot of time in relationships.
Create an ideal partner and/or relationship list to place in the Southwest sector.
List the Top 20 qualities that you love about yourself.
This will help you to understand the partner qualities that will compliment you best.

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Psychic Clair Senses


​Every psychic utilizes different Clair (clear) sensory abilities when it comes to tuning into your questions and concerns.  All of their abilities are guided along by their trusted spirit guides.  Three of the most common abilities that many psychics use are Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience.  All of these clair senses are available for you to open up to as well.  We are all psychic at the end of the day. It’s not a super power.  Be weary of those who describe it as so.  These are normal senses.  Shielding with white light protection is recommended for those who work with their clair senses on a daily basis.


Clairvoyance stands for clear vision.  This is the ability to see images, words, numbers, etc clearly in the mind’s third eye.  This is a common clair sense for many psychics.  Visual learners and artists naturally use their clairvoyant abilities as they work from visual inspirations.  Many experience clairvoyant messages during their dreams and meditative waking states.


Clairvoyance stands for clear hearing.  This is the ability to hear words, numbers, etc clearly in the mind.  Audio learners can fine tune their natural Clairaudience by taking note of the messages that come into their consciousness.  Messages can be received in a dream state, waking state, and/or meditative state.


Clairsentience stands for clear feeling.  This is the ability to clearly feel out information from an energetic source.  A form of Clairsentience that involves feeling out information from a physical object is known as Psychometry.  Empaths who pick up energies around them are natural Clairsentients.

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