Ego Love vs. Heart Love

Full Moon cycles are the most active time for releasing whatever is nolonger working for you in life.  It’s when emotions rise to the surface for release.  This is always an active time where people want to revisit their exes and create exes.  Here are some spiritual tips on how to handle relationships and breakups.
1. Relationships are Mirrors – They reflect your own personal qualities within.  The relationship simply asks that you bring those qualities up within that you admire in another.  Relationships often end when one or both nolonger need the growth lessons.  Ideally you want to be whole going into relationships, but relationships are there so you can become more whole. Welcome them.
2. One’s heart can never truly be broken in love – It’s often the Ego that gets bruised/hurt instead.  We must use our egos to push us forward in life vs. hold us back.  Understanding your own ego movements can help you to move on when you’ve learned all you can from another.
3. Relationships have expiration dates – Checkpoints often come with the Universal #3…3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years, etc.  It’s not to say that you will nolonger feel the person’s energy or have love for them though.  People simply come onto your path for new lessons and growth.
Welcome the transitional periods
(Example: 3 years together before engagements, etc) and movements into new relationships (Example: 9 years together is a major checkpoint in many marriages).
Focus on the friendship foundations first and foremost for the greatest stability going in and out.
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Astrology Zodiac Erogenous Zones

erogenous zones

Every sign in the zodiac rules a particular body part.  These parts of the body are also your sign’s erogenous zones.  Stimulating these areas of the body through touching, kissing, and/or massaging are known to get your sign and others in the mood for love.

Aries – Scalp and Ears

Taurus – Neck and Throat

Gemini – Hands and Fingers

Cancer – Breasts

Leo – Back

Virgo – Stomach  

Libra – Butt

Scorpio – Genitals

Sagittarius – Inner Thighs

Capricorn – Back of Knees

Aquarius – Calves and Ankles

Pisces – Feet and Toes

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Animal Communication

 animal communication

Relax – Roll your shoulders back, take three deep breathes, and place a smile on your face.  Animals are very empathetic.  They can instantly pick up your energy and moods.  Cats have often shown themselves entering and leaving a room due to their owner’s energy.
A relaxed energy is always a welcoming energy for your pets.

Get Level – Get down to your pet’s level.  You can also bring them up to your level.  Standing or leaning over you pet can be threatening.  Your pets feel at their best when you are interacting with them on their level.

Visualize – Animals are very visual and telepathic.  They can tune into what you’re thinking.  Your dog knows when he’s headed to the vet because of your visual thoughts.  Sending your visual intentions to your pets is a wonderful way to communicate with them.  You can send loving hearts to physical commands.  
Your pets will communicate with you through visuals as well.  Simply ask your pets to send you their requests and concerns.  Close your eyes to open up to your third eye.  Write down everything that you receive.  The more you begin to communicate with your pets, the easier it will get. 

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Chakra Color Therapy


Discover how colors influence your chakras (the body’s energy centers) and your overall wellbeing.  Work with the colors through food and color visualizations to stimulate and balance your system.
Purple – Purple is a spiritual, creative, and extravagant color.  It’s a royal color that can be used to boost our self esteem and relax our minds.  Purple is associated with your spiritual crown chakra.
Blue – Blue is a peaceful, relaxing, and cooling color.  It’s a trusting color that can open communications.  Indigo and Blue are associated with your sixth sensory third eye chakra and communicative throat chakra.
Green – Green is a relaxing, nurturing, and fertile color.  It’s a calming color that can relax just about anyone.  It’s a grounding color that can bring you inner peace.  Green is associated with your loving heart chakra.
Yellow – Yellow is an energetic, intellectual, and cheerful color.  It’s a mental color that can assist in your memory retention, esp when combined with blue.  Yellow is associated with your life force solar plexus chakra.
Orange – Orange is a happy, energetic, and social color.  It’s a stimulating color that can boost your creativity.  Orange is associated with your sexual and creative sacral chakra.
Red – Red is a powerful, passionate, and aggressive color.  It’s a strong color that catches everyone’s attention.  Red is associated with the your
grounded base chakra.

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Eclipse Seasons come every year for your benefit.   Every eclipse has the power of Three Moons.  Energy can be felt as early as weeks before.

Lunar Eclipses are powerful times for removals and completions.   You may be removing up to six months of whatever wasn’t working for you.  Solar Eclipses are powerful times for fresh starts.  You are opening up six months of energy that can set something new into motion.

Write out your goals and intentions to take advantage of both phases as they arrive.

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Neptune in Retrograde

neptune retrogradeIt’s quite normal for planets to head retrograde every year for inner reflection.  Mercury (planet of thoughts, communication, technology, travel) is a common retrograde that happens multiple times a year.  This is often a wonky time in relationships to travel.  Misunderstandings and delays often occur.  It’s simply a time for reevaluations in our lives. 

Neptune (planet of illusions) heads retrograde every year for about 5 months.  This is personally one of my favorite transits.  It’s when the wool gets pulled away from people’s eyes.  You will find yourself looking at things as they really are vs. how you wish to see them.  Things may be revealed in the World that you may have never noticed before. 

Some of my most “bizarre” spiritual experiences have occurred during Neptune in Retrograde transits.  Needless to say I’m not phased by much.  Somehow these transits continue to educate though.  It can be very healing to all areas of your life.  It’s quite common for the past to come back around during these retrograde cycles.  This is merely for reevaluations.  It’s best to take on practical and spiritual viewpoints during these times.  Write down game plans for objectivity,  discuss solutions vs. problems, and welcome the truth as it shows itself to you.  This is a wonderful time to take care of yourself with healthy exercises, healthy foods, and healthy communications.

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Dimples in Face Reading

happy music notes

Dimples have always been a cute feature on the young and “old”.  The “how old?” is usually a guessing game for many.  Assume 20+ for any images on the site.

Dimples bring forth wonderful qualities for those who possess them.

Dimpled individuals are youthful, charmers/flirts, and humorous.  We are a smooth bunch that can go from saucy to cute in a matter of smiling seconds.  This is often due to the comedian within that’s always taking the stage. 

You can find many dimples in the world of entertainment for this reason. 

The Kpop group BTS is surrounded with dimples in nearly every member of the 7 member group.  The missing Suga has his own unique qualities. 

It’s truly a Brady Bunch of cuteness. 

Their youthful energies, singing and dancing talents, and dimpled sense of humors are an entertaining sight to take in.  Give the group a try.



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