New Moon

jbj new moon

New Moons are all about fresh starts and new beginnings.  They provide energy for pushing forward after the two week Full Moon rest and release phase. 

I’m no stranger to recommending music that resonates with me, esp since I’ve become a fan of music outside of the U.S.  I was too late to the JBJ party though.  I mentioned two members in my Future of Food post HERE.  Their foodie show is what introduced me to their music.  Food has a way of doing that though.  It brings people together. 

Despite the group only receiving 7 months (Universe vibrates in 3s for checkpoints) of promotions before disbanding, the name JBJ aka Just be Joyful is a beautiful reminder for us all.  Their recent and final album “New Moon” is also a beautiful reminder that life is always moving forward.  Every single day is a new day to start fresh again.  Enjoy their final piece of vocal work.  It’s a pleasant listen with some throwback 90s beats and two steps. 🙂

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Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026

uranus in taurus

There are two astrological transits that you may want to keep in mind as we head into the next ten years.  Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces (HERE).  Both transits will end in 2026.

Uranus is the rebel planet.  It’s unpredictable in its desire to shake things up.  It transits into a new sign about every 7 years.  We officially head out of Uranus in Aries and into Uranus in Taurus (May 15th 2018 to April 26th 2026).  This transition may see the end of “me first” Aries selfie culture and into “business first” Taurus culture.  I spoke a bit about this in the Innovative Relationships post HERE and Future of Relationships post HERE

You’ll want to sit “Ur-anus” down and focus on more Earth Sign foundations (career, finances, business, home, family, children, pets, etc).  The World will focus more on these areas as well.  Needless to say, times are changing.  Less will become more as convenience and automation make their marks.  This is a time when the more realistic Generation Z comes in as well to shake things up.  Optimistic Millennials will have done their part in “killing” everything by then.  Astrology will still be around though.  😉

Enjoy the Summer ride! 

Make lists, stay objective, and release restrictions to make the most of it. ❤

Discover more of what’s in store for your future HERE.


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Love Triangles

Love Triangles

Love triangles always come up every now and then.  My advice to those who are dealing with them is always the same though…Move on! 

I find that the majority of love triangles come about when individuals don’t know what they need and want in life.  It’s quite common with those who are still developing and transitioning in life (under 40s crowd).  The energies are never truly grounded with solid initiatives.  It often goes into the crush category that I mentioned in a previous post HERE

One of the best ways to get back on the objective track is with this simple exercise…

Write out the Top 20 Qualities that You Love about Yourself.

Write out the Top 20 Partner Qualities that will Compliment Your Qualities.

Write out the Top 20 Qualities that You are Willing to Bring into a Partnership

** This is where Honesty can Really save you a lot of time.  Many people expect others to fulfill their relationship needs.  It takes Two to Tango though.  Think about what you are truly willing to give, the roles that you are truly willing to take on, and the time and energy that you are truly willing to carve out.

Relationships definitely require mutual efforts.  If they aren’t for you, then lay back and enjoy the Single and Mingle Life.  More people need to take on that lifestyle than they realize.  You’ll always have your Top 20 Qualities to Enjoy on the Day to Day.  ❤  Personal Responsibility is Key. ❤


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The Future of Food

hipster dining thoughts

This post came a bit out of the blue as I was watching one of my new favorite shows on  It’s a Millennial eating show (JBJ Sang Gyun & Dong Han’s Honbab) out of S.K. with two members of the group JBJ (Just Be Joyful).  I caught a few episodes before getting hooked.  I was charmed by their adorable personalities and the presentations of the dining spots.  It’s always refreshing for Foodies to get outside of their own country to see how foods are presented.  I was learning a lot.

Portion control is one thing that I’ve noticed with a lot of places.  Theme concepts (American outdoor BBQ concept) to classy Hipster craft beer tasting spots (Organic fruit beers, Gorgonzola pizza with honey, and pulled pork fries) all came across.  One episode even had 10+ mini courses that changed daily.   Every course was the main course.  I started thinking even more about the Future of Food as the Next Generation comes about. 

healthy dininghipster dining food

Here are some things that we can expect to see…

*Cafes vs. Restaurants – Beyond portion controls, cafes will become the new restaurants.  Cute themes and decor will continue to make their way in.  This includes hamburger flipping robots like Flippy.

*Vegan Friendly – As more chains adopt vegan menu items like KFC’s Meatless Chicken Buckets with Dairy Free Biscuits (Whaa? Yep via, we’ll certainly see Vegan Fast Food restaurants come about that take it on 100 percent.  Options are always great for those seeking healthy alternatives.  I’ve yet to make it to 100% Vegan.  A 90% to 95% vegan lifestyle with a 10% to 5% Travel Foodie open is pretty darn good though. 😉

*Fusions & Basics – Fusions will continue as the Next Generations travel and taste other culture’s cuisines.  There will simply be more mixing and mingling with tastes.  Going back to basic ingredients will come back around as well.  Who even thought to make mac and cheese fancy?  Food will simply find a healthy and lovely balance again. 🙂


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Mercury in Retrograde

mercury in retrograde lovers

The astrological transit “Mercury in Retrograde” is all about Rest, Reevaluation, and Release.  It’s quite similar to the two week Full Moon phase.  Mercury in Retrograde lasts about three weeks though.  Mark these two transits down onto a moon phase calendar to keep up.  They can come with many set patterns and behaviors.  I always “side eye” everything when Mercury in Retrograde shenanigans go down.  I’m already a laid back “whatever goes” Sagittarius sooo I try not to get too chatty during this time.  It can be an amusing time though if you look on the bright side.  😉

Mercury is the planet of thoughts, communications, and travel.  Its retrogrades can bring hiccups in these areas.  Misunderstandings, delays, and reevaluations of the past can come about.  It’s best to be flexible with plan A, B, and Cs.  Repeat things if necessary.  It’s also a great time to get things in writing.  One’s mind can often change once Mercury heads direct again.  It’s best not to make any Major decisions during the retrograde time.  Clearer thoughts will become available to you after Mercury heads direct again.  🙂

Mercury in Retrogrades for 2018

March 22nd – April 15th

July 25th – Aug 18th

Nov 16th – Dec 6th


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Seasonal Allergy Cures

seasonal allergy pink power ranger

Spring and/or Summer is in the air for many transitioning from March to April.  This can be a wishy washy weather period for many though.  As temperatures decide which direction to go, allergies and sniffles can occur.  You can always dress up like a pink power ranger/pink ninja to cope.  Unfortunately it will not be too effective at the end of the day.  You will look cute though. 😉

Here are some Seasonal Allergy Cures to help you cope with the blooming seasons…

*Air Purifiers – Interior allergens and dust are brought indoors when you’re out and about.  Keep them to a minimum with quality air purifiers, regular vacuuming, and toxic free cleaning products (vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice).

*Neti Pots – These little contraptions are great for clearing nasal passages of allergens.  They often come with saline packets.  Simply add warm water for happy breathing.

 *Omega 3s – Omega 3s fight inflammation from allergies.  Get them in via chia seeds, salmon, supplements, etc.

*Herbs & Spices – Herbs and spices like garlic, onions, turmeric, and ginger in lemon water provide anti inflammatory and immune boosting relief.

*Antioxidant Berries – Berries like blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries provide allergy relief.  Apples can provide a positive relief on the go. 

*Honey & Citrus – Honey and citrus are great in lemonades and ice teas.  Mary Poppins wasn’t lying when she sang her little spoonful of sugar diddy.  It’s a great cure for itchy throats as well.


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Innovative Relationships


(P.S. The photo caption may or may not be a fan’s edit.  I’m too hype about the idea to discard it. lol)

As a Sagittarius, I’m always thinking about the future as I balance with the present.  I’m always intrigued by the innovations and innovative ideas of my Millennial and Next Generations.  We are the future after all!  This had me thinking about Innovative Pairs/Relationships.  As the World streamlines, relationships should follow along the same path.  I’ve always been a fan of treating relationships like a business.  You are combining talents and skills into a working team after all.  Relationships require communication, “business meetings” to discuss issues on the table, and of course innovative ideas to keep energies fresh and alive. 

Naturally as a BTS fan, the most innovative pair that I’ve come to enjoy is my fellow talented Rooster Min Yoongi/Suga with the talented Jeon Jungkook/Jungkook (Sugakookie).  Roosters and Oxes in Chinese Astrology have always been known as the “Match Made in Heaven” business partnership and/or business with pleasure partnership.  I’m definitely wishing on stars for these two to collaborate even MORE for the future of music.  It’s more than just one of my bias shippings.  It’s a mutual head nod of YASS!  Let’s hope they do this! 😀 

Rooster and Ox Compatibility

As we move throughout 2018, make your relationships (friendships, lovers, etc) count by putting your heads together for future shifts.  The more innovative pairings, the better now. 🙂


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