Romantic Comedies

my best friend's wedding

Rom coms have always been fun when they are done right.  There’s nothing better than romance and comedy.  It’s also two great qualities to have within yourself and in your relationships. 

My Best Friend’s Wedding is my all time favorite romantic comedy.  It has been the foundation for some of the best romantic comedies that followed it.  The random and fun musical scenes (minus the bad karaoke singing scene), honest representation of a modern day woman, and overall great acting skills really made it stand out back in the 90s and today!

Even though I don’t believe in such things as popular or unpopular opinions, I do feel that women should give the movie another watch.  Sometimes your male and/or female friends (gay or straight) in your friend zones are the ones that you should be living your best life with.  I’m just saying this from experience…and the fact that everyone told me I was Julia Robert’s character in the movie.  I will take that as a compliment in 2018 as I look back in retrospect from my time spent in the Northeast and East.  I still say wahta vs water.  It’s charming. lol

Every women is allowed to grow into their chill selves with age after third wheeling, failed marriage proposals, cohabitations, pregnancy scares, regional moves, regional accents, languages, U.S. travels, and having conversed and befriended just about every ethnicity and culture you can think of…yes even Native Americans (kudos to being the North America representation in robotics youngins!).  People are all the same at the end of the day though.  The chill ones have just lived enough life to not care so much anymore.  😉 

P.S. I’m still waiting for My Best Friend’s Wedding Sequel.  I think we all know what happened.  It would be fun to see again.  I’m sure all three would be hanging out in a restaurant as Julia’s character finishes up another food critic gig.  Every movie should start with food and end there if you ask me.  🙂

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~* Happy UnBirthday to You *~

happy unbirthday to you

It’s so nice to come across two talented cuties with inspirational words of wisdom.  It makes my heart sing to know that I stan amazing creative talents.  I just had to make a blog concerning BTS’s Jungkook’s Alice in Wonderland hat reference (“She doesn’t know what an unbirthday is”) and former JBJ’s Taehyun’s shirt.  Both of them were sporting energetic reddish hair in their photos this month.  It’s always a great color to bring in when you need a Chakra and Color Therapy energy boost. 🙂

jungkook  taeyhun

Both words of wisdom relate to the energy of celebrating every single day.  There’s no reason to waste the other 364 days of the year that aren’t your birthday.  As someone who was born on December 20th, this really hit home as a nice reminder.  I always had to celebrate my birthday parties earlier in the month of December due to the holiday seasons.  As I grew older, I started to celebrate all month long.  These days I celebrate both my birthday and Halloween all year long in the form of Self Care Days.  Sorry Christmas.  Get in where you fit in eh?

As we approach the indulgent and creative Pig Year of 2019, both messages are a prefect reminder to enjoy the simple and/or not so simple pleasures of life.  Every part of life has its silver linings.  Make that your overall focus at the end of the day.

P.S. Kudos to the 1985 (non cartoon) Alice in Wonderland TV movie.  You know you were the best version. lol  😉  


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Self Hypnosis

self hypnosis

As a former hypnotherapist/meditation provider, I’ve come to find that the Best way for people to really heal their pasts, focus on the present, improve a skill, and/or welcome in greater self love is through SELF Hypnosis.   Even though I’ve assisted others with hypnotherapy on positive topics from yoga skills to greater health, the simple act of providing this service provided me with my own self hypnosis.  It was fascinating until I realized that 1. Yoga skills aren’t really my thing and 2. Is it really beneficial to others to have them listening to my voice on repeat?  I’m all about SELF empowerment vs. dependencies.  I really didn’t want people becoming dependent on me or anyone else.

Self Hypnosis is extremely easy to accomplish when one becomes subconsciously and consciously aware.  Our daily lives are constantly streaming in positive and/or negative stimulants that get stored.  It’s crucial to take note of the things that you surround yourself with (people, places, things, etc).  This is where detachment exercises through meditation, martial arts, etc can start you off.  It’s a great way to become more present and less reactive to life’s mishaps.  You may come off a bit “cold” to some, but it’s really a sign that you’re in your own energy.  Visualizing a thick rubber shield around you that bounces negativity back to its source is beneficial.  Remember that the Universe DOES revolve around You and what you give it (thoughts, words, actions).  People are also more worried about themselves and/or what other people think about them.  It’s never about You at the end of the day.  Nothing in life is really personal until you make it personal.  Projections, opinions, etc are just part of the human experience.

Beyond the stated guidelines above, a quick way to tap further into your subconscious is through positive phrases that ask your subconscious a question to answer.  (Ex: Why am I so positive and happy? Why am I so loved?  Why do I attract positive people, places, and things?).  You can write out your own list to state at a relaxing time of the day (morning, afternoon, and/or night).  You can then state these phrases into a simple playback device to listen to.  Hearing YOUR OWN VOICE is much more powerful than listening to someone else.  If the voice comes in with a beautiful sound and melody aka from a positive musical artist, go ahead and enjoy that as well!  My jazz hands school choirs and karaoke days are behind me for now.  Singers can really enjoy their positive phrases through a little song though.  This is also a handy way to learn new languages beyond visual learning.  I’m on my 3rd basic language today (French, Spanish, Korean) from learning this way since middle school!  It just works.  🙂


Need further assistance? 

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DIY Vampy Beauty

lake como

I always choose to blog during my most chill moods.   This one comes after giving myself an olive oil self massage.  I began to think about all of the DIY ways that I tend to my self care.  As much as I love to try new health products and foods, I always go back to the simple basics…oils.  It can often looks like something right out of a Mediterranean Vampy scene.  I love sunshine BUT I’m not necessarily a fan of it for too long.  It can be draining at times.  The energy of the Mediterranean however always seems to come back around in my life.  Call it past lives or whatever.  I just love oils!  The Mediterranean Diet is a great lifestyle if you do as well!

The Mediterranean Diet consists of healthy fats (nuts, olive oils), whole grains and legumes, fresh caught seafood (salmon, etc), fruit, and plenty of water throughout the day.  Everything from vegan meats, red meats, white meats, and wine is taken in moderation.  This can apply to moderation throughout the week, month, and/or year if you’re a fellow 90% vegan.  You can determine how you want to throw in your 10% non vegan enjoyments. 

The beauty of olive oil is that it can be placed onto any food to reduce inflammation and create a heart healthier meal.  It’s great for food and/or seasonal histamine allergies.  I love putting it on simple organic cauliflower rice veggie recipes with coconut aminos (soy free “soy sauce” alternative), organic brown rice pasta salad recipes, sweet potato and vegan sausage recipes, and organic gala apple salad recipes.  Red onions are also great cancer fighters and immune boosters.

After growing tired of smoothies, my first meal often starts with the following anti aging routine…

-15 mins of olive oil or coconut oil pulling for healthy hair, skin, nails, teeth, immune support, etc.  Disease often starts in the gut and mouth.  The healthy antioxidants and antibacterial nutrients in oils are beneficial for swishing around in your mouth.   Simply swish and rinse while tending to another morning routine.

-A glass of water in the morning prepares the body to absorb nutrients.

-Camu Camu powder in water.  Camu camu powder is a Vitamin C supplement.  It’s a rainforest fruit with some of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is great for immune support and collagen anti aging production.  You would have to take on large amounts of oranges to get in the amount.  I don’t like to have a lot of unfrozen fruit or lemon juice bottles hanging around.  This is a handy off and on powder for Vit C!  I sometimes mix it with collagen powder if I’m in the mood.  Collagen powder is at its most potent for absorption when taken with Vit C.  A weekly multivitamin and/or veggies can also assist in Vit C intakes as well.

-Breakfast or Brunch (Vamps wake up when they wake up) consists of detox foods.  Fruit is often the best food to eat when you get up.  I like to combine it with a packaged organic salad mix though.  I simply slice up an organic gala apple (low sugar apple) and place it on top.  I sometimes add walnuts for more crunch.  I then top it with an olive oil dressing mixture.

olive oil

My daily self care brings in my love of oils as well… 

-Body wash of olive oil or coconut oil.  This is sometimes combined with fine salt for a DIY scrub.  Some may prefer olive oil or coconut oil soaps.  I personally like oils in their natural antibacterial, anti inflammatory, and anti aging oil form.  You can also take this time to give yourself a facial massage.  Massage in an upward circular motion.  Simply enjoy your warm steam before rinsing. 

-Body moisturizer of olive oil or coconut oil.   I add a little bit more onto the skin after a good pat dry.  This will keep you moisturized throughout the day.  I take the time to give myself a little self massage later on to further circulation.  Olive oil is great as a massage oil!

-My skincare is pretty simple.  Tea tree oil in a crystal container of water acts as a cleanser, toner, and mouthwash.  Olive oil or coconut oil provides the toothpaste.  Jojoba oil and/or rosehip oil provides the anti aging collagen booster.  I create a mask using clay powder and activated charcoal powder every now and then.  This can also make a great detoxing body mask for those self care spa days.

-DIY Perfumes.  Vanilla extract or peppermint oil provides me with a happy mental stimulation.  It’s really based on my mood.  Sometimes I feel like like a cookie and other times a piece of candy.  Just do you!  😉

Get Your Vampy Beauty Sleeping Tips HERE.

black cats

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Biorhythm Compatibility


A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse “Blood Moon” is on the horizon for July 27, 2018.  This is a rare opportunity to see the moon turn a beautiful red color for 100 minutes.  Eclipses are powerful moon phases that have the power of 3 moons.  Full Moon Eclipses bring heighten emotions to the table for release.  Greater intuition often comes about with Full Moon phases.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Eclipses.

I’m always a bit conflicted when it comes to talking about Biorhythms and Biorhythm Compatibility.  BTS’s J-Hope’s “In My Feelings Challenge” dance video didn’t help much. lol  Great dancers always make fellow rhythm lovers and dancers weak in the knees.  He definitely puts the “Rhythms” in BioRhythms!

Biorhythms are your body’s daily energy patterns.  It is predicted by one’s birthday.  Your birthday is used to calculate your daily Emotional, Physical, and Intellectual rhythms.  You can test your biorhythm out for atleast a month to see how accurate it is for you.

High Biorhythm Days will bring energy in for positive emotional moods, physical energy, and intellectual focus.  Low Biorhythm Days bring in low energies for emotional alone time, more physical rest, and less mental stimulation.  These are the days to enjoy a good laugh and/or viral dance videos. 

Individuals with happy dispositions most of the time (Ex: J-Hope) will find ways to stay energized.  This can include anything from eating healthy, taking naps, getting plenty of sleep at night, having a creative interest, exercising, laughing, etc.

Biorhythms can also be used for compatibility.  This will show you how well you match up with another on a daily basis.  A Biorhythm Compatibility with high percentages (90% and above) isn’t always perfect though.  It simply means that 90% of the time you and another will be on the same energy patterns.  This can bring intensity to any relationship.  Feelings may range from “Is it hot in here or is it just you?” to “I think we need some alone time”. 

I tested it out with two members of BTS (J-Hope (2-18-94) and RM (9-12-94).  Both are Dog Astrology Signs to my Rooster Sign.  It’s a 2018 Dog Year after all.  Although both animal signs require efforts at times, it’s interesting to compare the Biorhythm energies.  You can clearly see the difference in how my biorhythm compatibility differs from one Doggy to another Doggy.  As a sensitive individual, I can truly attest to being able to pick up on each some days.  You can test your Biorhythms out for yourself at

P.S.  Don’t go about lying about your age ladies n gents if you really want to test it out.  It’s 2018 and some of yall still crack me up about ages.  Keep it friendly, inspirational, and check out my Relationship Ages Guide HEREDon’t get creepy with people you don’t know.  Use it for Entertainment Purposes Only.  lol

Biorhythm Compatibility1

Biorhythm Compatibility2


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The Year 2019 Pt. 2 – Year of the Pig

The year of the pig 2019

The Year 2019 Pt 1 HERE is honestly the same as The Year of the Pig.  It’s funny how the Universe works out.  Pig years come with a similar set of guidelines.  These include taking time for yourself, enjoying loved ones, enjoying creative pursuits, managing your budgets/indulgences, and taking time for your spirituality.

The piggy is the last of the 12 animal signs in Chinese Astrology.  The Year of the Pig is all about reflecting on the past 11 animal years.  The past may come around for you to release what is nolonger working for you.  It’s a great year to kiss all toxic people, places, and things Buh Bye!  Just tell them to kiss your pork chops.  😉  Positive relationships can improve by enjoying more leisure activities together.  New friendships and relationships can also come about that are compatible with your Chinese Astrology Sign HERE.

Have a Great Year of the Pig! Oink Oink!  🙂

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Mid Summer 2018 Jams

As I close out the blog for 2018,  I was pleasantly blessed with one last bit of inspiration and hyper-ration from the BTS team today.  It’s no secret that I’m a fan of music….(Music Therapy Post, Virtual Piano Post, and J-Hope’s Daydream Post.  Of course BTS inspired music and musings are scattered across the blog though.  This includes my absolute favorite of 2018 so far…DDaeng!  That background music is absolutely perfect as a backdrop to the rap!  I can’t even!

Kudos to some other great songs I’ve enjoyed so far as well that you may enjoy…JBJ’s full album and Vixx’s Scentist to name just a few. 🙂

Anyhoo here’s just another reason why I like BTS and DDaeng so much.  If you’re not slightly tired after this 10 mins then you didn’t watch it right. lol  Enjoy!

P.S. Who doesn’t want to bottle Suga/Min Yoongi up?  Fellow Roosters know what’s up.  Hooty hoo! Cockadoodle Doo! and Caw Caw! Too Cute and Talented!