Spiritual Chill Years


Your spiritual chill years are years where the Universe asks you to


These years are often associated with the numerology numbers 2, 7, and 9.  Numerology follows the energies of 1-9.   You can discover if you’re in a spiritual chill year in these three ways… 

  1.  Reduce your current age to a single digit (Ex: 20=2, 25=7, 27=9).
  2.  Reduce your month of birth, day of birth, and the current year to a single digit (Ex: 12-20-2018=16=7).
  3. Reduce the current year down to a single digit (Ex: 2018=11=2).  Years that reduce to 2, 7, and 9 will influence everyone around the World during those years.

* Your Number 2 Years will bring a greater desire for spirituality, spiritual relationships, holistic healing/alternative medicine, spa pampering, decluttered zen environments, and/or beauty in landscapes, art, interior design, fashion, and music.

* Your Number 7 Years will bring a greater desire for spirituality, alone time, charity work/donating/volunteering, and intellectual activities like visiting  bookstores/libraries, history and art museums, historical/haunted locations, etc.  It can be considered the “Jesus” number due to people’s desire to “release” from the material world.  It can also bring about funerals and/or physical deaths as well.  You’ll have a much more spiritual view on everything in life. 

* Your Number 9 Years will bring a greater desire for removing what’s nolonger working for you from the past, reunions with old friends, family, exes, holistic healing/alternative medicine, and funerals and/or physical deaths.  It’s not a coincidence that many young people, esp in the entertainment fields pass at age 27.  Do know that they are resting in peace though…often visiting and playing with their loved one’s pets. 🙂

The beauty about your spiritual chill years is that they are supported by the Universe.  People, places, and opportunities will arrive to get you on track to make the most of it.  Welcome the new energies with a relaxing sigh of relief from the  previous years and/or approaching years.  If you’re lucky, you’ll discover a “shared year buddy” to enjoy every single year’s energies with.  I discovered BTS’s Park Jimin (10-13) to be mine.  Kudos to some Boy Bands.  🙂

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Cosmetic Surgery in Face Reading

cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery can be a sensitive topic for many who go under the knife and/or needles.  It doesn’t have to be though.  It’s quite common to see many women in their 20s to 60s getting work done, esp in entertainment fields and sunny locations.  Cosmetic procedures are just the opposite of those who get tattoos.  To each his/her own.   

Although I’m a big fan of holistic anti aging methods (essential oils like rosehip oil, nutrition like avocados and antioxidants, supplements like omega 3-6-9s, facial exercises, etc), I’ve never been against cosmetic improvements.  It can really improve one’s outlook on life if they do it for the right reasons.  Nobody should judge someone’s personal decisions for greater self esteem.  

Here are some common cosmetic face reading shifts that many take on…

* Crowns/Caps – I spoke about getting white crowns over the majority of my teeth during my 20s HERE.  Cosmetic procedures just become a secondary feature characteristic to your original feature.  My teeth were naturally straight except for my slight “long in the tooth” front teeth.  They were grinded down before crowns were replaced over them.  The whole process is another scary movie scene for ya. lol When you have your front teeth longer than the rest of your teeth, it simply indicates wisdom and longevity.  The feature will continue to act as my main characteristic to the more streamlined teeth/thoughts characteristic.   

* Lip Injections/Plumps – Many women who have lip injections to plump up their lips go from being private and/or quiet in their expressions to being more outspoken and honest.  I’ve seen this one first hand with many Millennial women.  It’s always a win when women become more outspoken and expressive.  Can I get an Amen!

* Double Eyelids – A common procedure that many women have in Asian countries is double eyelid surgery.  This creates a new characteristic of desiring greater bonding in partnerships, esp if the eyelid can be seen when the face is neutral.  It can also increase one’s sensitivity in relationships.

* Nose Jobs – Whether someone is going in for a deviated septum to breathe better or simply narrowing their nose, the new feature often creates a new characteristic of generosity in spending.  This can be for oneself and/or for loved ones.  This is where shrinking down one’s nose padding can actually create a balanced saving and spending characteristic.  It can however increase one’s spending habits if their original padding was already small.

* Fillers – Wrinkle and fine line fillers can definitely “smooth” out one’s face for a more youthful appearance.  They don’t however have too much of a characteristic shift.  Women who get fillers for the swooping lines below the inner eyes will still have their writing ability as a main feature.  Some talented songwriters have this.  I recommend collagen enhancing rosehip oil, facial exercises, Vit C, etc if you’re looking for a natural plump though.

As the “cute programming” continues into the future with ageless mixes, cute faced robots, and simply more people taking care of themselves from the inside out, I do see more women seeking out cosmetic procedures over drag queen makeup.  Many procedures will be in the form of quick lunch time fixes (Ex: laser spa facials) and facial fillers.

Discover what’s Written All Over Your Face with a Face Reading HERE.

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Quick Vegan Breakfast

avocado banana smoothie

Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day.  You can certainly say the same about Brunch.  I’ve never been a fan of breakfast foods though.  As more people switch to vegan and semi vegan lifestyles, many breakfast products have come along for the ride.  This is great for those who enjoy more “meaty” breakfast meals.

At the end of the day, breakfast is all about “breaking the fast” from your 6-10 hour sleep coma.  Most people want something quick and easy to boost their moods and energy.  You ideally want to eat within 30 minutes after you wake up…no matter the time of day. 

Here are some quick vegan breakfast and brunch ideas that will keep you fueled.  You will get in some anti aging benefits, proteins, and fibers…

  • Avocado Banana Smoothie with Vegan Protein Powder – This is my personal favorite because I don’t have to chew anything. lol  I prep my avocados with a dull knife and spoon scoops ahead of time.  I simply freeze 1/2 cup scoops and the bananas in freezer bags.  I then add a Vegan Protein Powder that has added greens.  Vega is one brand that combines pea and seed proteins with added greens and antioxidants.  You can add some optional citrus juice (Vit C).  Enjoy your smoothie with a straw.  

avocado banana smoothie

  • Dairy Free Yogurt with Antioxidant Berries – This is a quick protein breakfast idea that you can make ahead of time.  Kite Hill is a great brand for those looking for a dairy free, probiotic, and unsweetened yogurt.  Add some bananas and low sugar frozen berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc). 
  • You can also add this to a fortified bran cereal with some dairy free coconut or almond milk.

yogurt with fruit

  • Antioxidant Fruits with Pancakes – This is a great example of what to order when you’re out and about.  The Hollywood Cafe in San Francisco knows what’s up!  Fruit is a natural detoxer to enjoy when you wake up.  A hearty bowl of potassium and antioxidant fruits is a win win. 
  • Enjoy organic frozen fruits and frozen vegan waffles/pancakes for a quick breakfast/brunch at home.  You can even blend fruits and vegan protein powder into your batter. 🙂

healthy breakfast ideas

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Music Therapy

jazz piano

Nothing relaxes the mind, body, and spirit more than instrumental music.  It can be the simple vibrations of a gong to the classical energies of a piano.  The experience becomes even more enhanced when you’re actually playing the instrument.  Anyone who grew up playing an instrument, reading music, and harmonizing with a group knows that practice is involved.  It’s worth it once you have the basics down though. 😉

If you’re looking for a hobby this year, I highly recommend taking up the keyboard/piano.  It’s one of the easiest instruments to learn.  It provides a range of musical enjoyments for those that take it on.  It’s also a great goal for those who simply need a refresher course from their early music years.

* slowly raises hand*

Not ready to learn an instrument?  Try something more simplistic.  Work with a small gong or singing bowl/standing bell for a peaceful meditation practice. 

singing bowls

Playing and/or simply enjoying instruments can provide a spiritual experience for everyone this year. 🙂


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Healthy Crushes

80s fortune telling

Everyone was a fortune teller and Japanese origami maker back in the 80s.  The image above was a popular divination tool for many elementary school students.  It was based on picking colors and/or letters to determine future outcomes.  You would simply place your fingers in the holes below to move the paper around.  You could easily use this divination tool today!  I eventually learned real origami from my influential Japanese art teacher.  It was a synchronicity win win for my future life paths.  Who knew?

The idea of crushes came up with the nostalgic thought images.  So many men and women crush on a daily basis.  It’s actually quite healthy when you look at the true meanings behind them.  Crushes often reflect the qualities that we desire within ourselves and/or need to bring up within ourselves.  It’s never really about the other person at the end of the day.  Any compatibility aspects that attract us are there to get us thinking.  Individuals who end up in short or long term relationships with their crushes require more “real world” growth.  This can be influenced by past lives and/or present life “contracts”.   It’s only when the crush lessons are learned that we begin to move on to another crush. 

Take some time to think about your past and present crushes…

Is there anyone that you’re crushing on at this time? 

How many crushes have you had in your lifetime? 

Is there a pattern or qualities that you’re still needing to bring up within?

Use your answers to determine the personal goals that you wish to set for yourself this month and/or this year. 

Contact Me HERE if you need further assistance. 🙂


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Vegan Lentil Bowls

vegan nacho bowl

There’s nothing like craving a midnight snack.  My fellow health conscious have extra thoughts though.  It often comes in the form of “hmm I probably shouldn’t eat too much at this hour”.  Ideally you’ll want to eat your largest meals before 8 pm as your metabolism slows down.  This can be tricky for my fellow Millennial night owls though.   My solution is to simply go vegan at night!  Wear that Millennial badge of honor and put it in a bowl.  It just makes it easier.  Who really has time for plates and utensils after midnight? 😉  

Get simple and creative with portion sized meals to hit your comfort spots.  Lentils are a quick and easy nutritional meat sub for everyone.  They are packed with low fat heart healthy protein, fiber, iron, and so much more!  They are easily digestible with the midnight fuel to last you awhile. 


Consider a Vegan Nacho Bowl with…

  • 1/4 cup dry lentils, 1-2 tsp salsa mixed in, 1 scoop of Kite Hill’s almond milk plain unsweetened yogurt, and sliced or mashed avocados/guacamole.  Shred the vegan Daiya Farmhouse Cheddar Block if you’re feeling cheesy. 

This bowl will give you a great dose of  protein, fiber, Vit C, potassium, calcium, carbs, Omega 3s, and more nutrients that won’t weigh you down.


Consider a Vegan BBQ Bowl with…

  • 1/4 cup dry lentils, 1-2 tsp bbq sauce mixed in, 1 scoop of potato salad and/or coleslaw.


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The Human Pendulum

human pendulum teddy bear

Have a Yes or No Question?

Apply the human pendulum technique by simply working with your body’s energy.  My experiences with Tai Chi, Martial Arts, and Reiki Healing have taught me one thing.  Energy is everywhere!  Utilize the Universe’s unlimited source to maintain mental, emotional, and physical health. 

The human pendulum exercise is a simple technique…

  1.  Stand Up or Sit Tall.
  2.  Close Your Eyes. Visualize a White or Purple Light Around Your Body.
  3.  Ask Your YES or NO Question to Yourself.
  4.  Allow Your Body to Lean Forward for YES or Lean Backward for NO.
  5.  Rinse and Repeat with More Questions.

TIPS: Start by asking what your name is to test your body.  This is an effortless exercise.  If you feel that you’re forcing a movement, simply start again at STEP 2. 🙂

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