Make America Cute Again?

BTS Rapline Festa 2018

Despite the title and jokes about America having to always import cuteness, this post really isn’t superficial or political.  I’m an Independent in more ways than one!  This post is more Sociological.  An interesting thing is happening in the country when it comes to the current Millennial and Generation Zzzers.  They aren’t sleeping at the wheel though!  They are quite aware of the shifts that are occurring in the World.  Many are fully embracing anything “new”, socially conscious, and well…cute!  This can be from cute delivery robots, quirky vegan cafes, and/or light humored and socially conscious Kmusic. 

The previous Olympics and Olympics to come will continue to make many more aware of different artists, social topics, and food trends.  Peer to peer programming has been shifting as well to guide many people about what’s new and innovative.  Many are “craving” simple, toxic free, and informative programs.  I spoke a bit about this in the Future of Food HERE.  Anyone who enjoyed Kim Donghan’s nom noms can enjoy him with other young musical artists on July 8th.  This will be a New Generation Z type eating program called Gourmet-Dols that sends male and female Kmusic artists to different restaurants. 

Subtitled programming is great, but even that isn’t stopping many from picking up new languages beyond their High School or College French and Spanish classes. Who knew so many Millennials really just needed Korean lessons all of this time!  Portable translators will continue to come in handy if you’re in need of physical assistance though.  This is just another thing to add to the Future of Travel HERE.  I know many will be feeling their future travel selves like BTS’s slick rap line performance of Ddaeng. 

Chillax with Suga’s silk pajamas, J-Hope’s lounge style, and RM’s fan in the meantime. 😉

BTS Rapline Ddaeng

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Summer Foodie

summer jimin juicin

Summer health inspirations are everywhere!  Today’s inspiration comes from my brother from another mother (atleast in my head).  BTS’s Park Jimin’s Kiwi juice may not be a hit, but funny enough I tried another green Summer drink today.  The recommendations below are in no way associated with Jimin though.  These are purely my personal opinions.  Enjoy them with a Summer instrumental bop via BTS’s rap line ( for some Mars in Retrograde releases.  😉

Summer is a great time to change up your foodie diets to match the seasonal energies.  High vibrational foods like juices, fruits, leafy greens, seeds, and fish can create an array of colorful meals.  Here are some healthy options for you to consider…

-Green superfood powder-  The brand Amazing Grass has a large wheat grass selection.  The Green Superfood Energy product in Watermelon flavor with Yerba Mate and Matcha Green Tea was great with a teaspoon of lemon juice.  I don’t even like watermelon.  Shake it up with ice to drink with a straw.  The small portable plastic blender containers are great for on the go drinking and blends. 🙂

-Collagen powder- This is an easy way to maintain youthfulness and protein levels.  It’s great for those who don’t like to eat too much meat.

-Multivitamins-  Multivitamins can be a bit overrated if you’re getting in your nutrients from whole foods and vegetables.  It’s probably best to take a vitamin twice a week or less.  Breaking a tablet into two pieces to take throughout the day with a meal can help your body to absorb more of the nutrients.   Rainbow Light Women’s One is one product with fruits, vegetables, and probiotics in just 1 capsule.

-Sprouted Seed Crackers-  The brand Simple Mills has a tasty Garlic and Herb Sprouted Seed Cracker that’s Gluten Free.  Pair it with some canned wild alaskan salmon that’s mixed with Veganaise.  Add a salad for some Summer greens.

-Chia Seeds- This is by far one of the easiest ways to get in omega 3s, fiber, protein, iron, calcium, and potassium.  Two tablespoons will give you more omegas than salmon…and then some!  Simply add them to a glass of water with lemon juice.  It’s amazing what is packed into these little seeds.  They used to only be associated with the Cha Cha Chia (the pottery that grows) commercials.  Who knew? 🙂


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The Feng Shui Bedroom

feng shui bedroom

The Feng Shui Bedroom is all about Minimalism.  Your bedroom rules your health and relationships (business to pleasure).  Less is truly more when it comes to both actually!  Keeping your bedroom simple, clean, and relaxing is the way to go.  


  • Pair items up if you desire equal partnerships of give and take.  Two simple bedroom tables, chairs, curtain panels, lamps, etc are recommended.  Stick to one of each if you’re enjoying the single life.
  • Multi-functional furniture pieces like folding storage ottomans and Murphy Beds can be beneficial for small spaces.
  • Keep clutter and electronics behind closed doors.  Electromagnetic rays disturb your sleep.  You can place televisions behind cabinet doors.  You often see this in hotels.  Hotel rooms are great for clutter free inspirations.
  • Keep bathroom doors closed.  Feng Shui Design believes that energy can go down the “drain” with open drains, toilets, and doors.  A simple door close can be the cure without getting too OCD.
  • Ground the room with a cozy area rug.
  • Have a sturdy headboard and baseboard for secure health and relationships.  An upholstered headboard is best.  Wood is second best.  A pair of folding storage ottomans can act as a minimalist baseboard.


  • Avoid water energy in the Feng Shui Bedroom.  Blues, blacks, mirrors, water images, and literal water (Ex: fountains) represent Water energy.  Water energy will simply “water down” your relationships.
  • Avoid exercise equipment in the Feng Shui Bedroom.  Needless to say, you’ll have to constantly “work out” your relationships and health.  Keep exercise equipment in a folding storage ottoman or behind closed doors.


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Simian Lines in Palmistry

namjoon palmistry

So I’m just minding my business tonight and Bam!  BTS’s Kim Namjoon went and posted a photo of one of his palms.  I couldn’t help but notice a very unique feature on it…a Simian Line! 

Basic Palm Lines often consist of three major lines (Life Line, Head Line, and Heart Line).  The Life Line often curves around from the thumb’s edge to the wrist.  The Head Line often moves from the thumb’s edge of the hand across the palm.  The Heart Line often moves from the pinky’s edge across the palm.  Namjoon’s Head and Heart Line however are combined into one big line across the palm.  This is called the Simian Line.  It’s a line that is often found in a rare majority of people.

The Simian Line is associated with individualistic thinkers.  These are individuals who think differently than everyone else.  They are unique in their ability to make a difference in the World.  They can be intellectual geniuses as well.  Although this line is often associated with the mentally challenged, I’ve never met a mentally challenged individual who wasn’t a loving and inspirational spiritual being!  The same goes for those who are not in the mentally challenged categories.  You always get your bad apples here and there with any line of course.  In Namjoon’s case though, he’s a true intellectual who strives to be considerate and think before he writes and/or produces any piece of music.  He has been stated to have a high IQ score as well. 🙂

Individuals with a Simian line often operate from a place of mind over matter and/or heart over matter.  This makes Namjoon’s “God of Destruction” reputation more of a Telekinesis reputation.  He can really harness his inner strength, thoughts, and/or heart into a great deal of manifestation focus.  Self Hypnosis Meditation to Martial Arts can be beneficial for Simian Line individuals.  Namjoon can be a real Genie in a Bottle for whatever he desires in life.  Combine this with his charismatic Dimples description HERE and androgynous Widow’s Peak description HERE for one of the most unique individuals I’ve ever come across!  I can see why so many people adore him!  He truly stands out from the crowd…and shouldn’t want it any other way!  🙂

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Spiritual Pride Month

spiritual chakras

June starts off Pride Month for everyone around the World.  This includes everyone in and out of the LGBT community.  Even Antarctica is celebrating their first pride month this June.  Participants from the continent’s research center and any fun loving fluid penguins can join right in.  Now that’s a cute sight to see! 🙂

Although the letters LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans) are associated with sexuality, Pride Month really has nothing to do with sexuality at the end of the day.  Nobody really cares about one’s sexuality.  Pride Month is really a time to celebrate diversity in all of its colorful forms and creations.  As a black, bi, intuitive, indigo, artistic, and Sagittarius creation (that’s way too many labels already), you know I’m all about some diverse, fun, and colorful creations!  There’s no better month to enjoy colorful displays of rainbow this and rainbow that.  It’s right up there with veganizing everything.  It’s all good at the end of the day if people can educate and coexist in harmony.  Lord knows aint nobody got time for drama…unless it’s from some fierce drag queens doing a comedy skit. hehe 😉

The colors of the rainbow vibrate to a spiritual tune as well.  They are birthed from the energy of white light.  White light has always been healing, protective, and rejuvenating.  The colors vibrate to each of the energy chakras in the body.  This can influence your daily auras as well.  Simply visualizing your colorful chakras opening up like a lotus flower can do wonders for your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.   It’s a great month of win wins on every level.  

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Mars in Retrograde

fake love dance practice

“See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil” can apply to this transit in more ways than one.  Mars is the planet of action, anger, and war.  Retrogrades are times of rest and reflections.  Mars isn’t fond of its chillax retrograde transits.  Luckily they only happen every 2 years!  Mars will be in Retrograde from June 26/27th to August 27/28th in 2018. 

The best ways to handle these periods are to practice patience and flexibility.  Typical retrograde delays can always occur.  It’s a great time to stick to what’s familiar, look at where you are repressing emotions, and open yourself up to healing through self care/self love. 

Dancing it out is a great way to release energies as well.  I recommend any of BTS’s amazing dance practice videos.  The choreography to “Fake Love” ( is one of their best.  This song is a great reminder to the type of reflections that can occur during Mars in Retrograde.  Where are you being honest and true to yourself and/or others?  Now is the time to achieve full clarity for yourself.

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Earth Day

Earth Day

The first Earth Day was back in 1970 on April 22nd.  Even though Earth may look to be in a disastrous state, there are many people who are doing their part to make Earth a better place for future generations.  I’ve always been a big supporter of Earth Day and doing my small part.  As we head into the next ten years via Uranus in Taurus, the planet will be a bigger topic for discussions and initiatives. 

❤ Here are some simple ways to give back to Mother Earth ❤

Minimalism – Minimalism isn’t about owning less.  It’s about Less owning you.  Stick to what you actually use on a weekly and monthly basis.  You can take note of this by keeping everything that you use in designated spots for a month.  You may be surprised with what you actually use.  Reusable and Recycled products can really help you out.

DIY – Asking yourself “Can I DIY this or that?” may send you down the rabbit hole of “50 things to make or use with this or that”.  It’s all worth it though when you realize that your baking soda, essential oils, veggie scraps, extra fabrics, etc have multiple uses.

Solar & Electric – Save on all levels, including the planet.  Advancements in both solar products and electric vehicles are coming along nicely for those who are looking for alternatives.

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