Jupiter in Sagittarius Transit

jupiter in sagittarius

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, travel, wisdom, justice, optimism, and future outlooks.  It transits a new zodiac sign (12 zodiac signs) every single year.  Needless to say it has been awhile since Jupiter had its homecoming.  The upcoming Jupiter transit will be in its ruling sign of Sagittarius.  This transit will last from Nov 8, 2018 to Dec 2, 2019.  Are you ready for it? 

This is a great transit for my fellow Sagittarians!  Everyone will feel like an honorary Sagittarius though!  Jupiter in Sagittarius will allow you to move on from the restless ruts in your life.  This includes Worldwide ruts that the World has been in.  It’s a great transit for everything Sagittarius!  This includes…

* Global Travels & Global Awareness

* Higher Education

* Spiritual Studies & Spiritual Travels of the Mind & Body

* “Hippie” Fashions

* Sports & Politics

* Creative Arts (Art, Music, Dance, Songwriting)

* Honesty & Humor! 

Jupiter will expand all of these areas for better or worse.  Stay on the positive and wise end of Sagittarius’s free spirits and you’ll be just fine. 🙂

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Seasonal Body Rhythms

When you’ve received all of your colorful hoodies, cold weather pj sets, and hot soups in one female “assistant” same day delivered round, you’re ready for that Fall and Winter weather life!  That’s just part of the last half of the year’s Seasonal Body Rhythms.

Spring and Summer is all about high vibrational foods like salads, ice teas, pasta salads, and fresh or frozen fruits.  Shedding any excess weight through outdoor walks and/or indoor exercises prepares your body for warm weather transitions.  Cooler colors like white and blue clothing to white painted rooftops keeps you cool from the outside in.  Eco friendly measures like portable fans and solar keeps cooling affordable.

As the Fall and Winter months arrive, it’s important to take note of your body’s new needs.  High vibrational warm weather foods like broths, ginger, and even chili spices will keep you warm during those cozy nights.   Creating body heat with layers provides you with options.  Eco friendly measures with remote controlled portable tower heaters/portable fireplaces, cozy throws, and warm socks will do the rest as you head into semi hibernation mode, especially after a comfort food meal like cutie member Chan of A.C.E.  They are definitely one group that you don’t want to sleep on this year or next.  

I always find a way to fit in my favorite talented groups.  Shameless blogging I know. 😉 Here’s some cuteness as you snuggle up this Fall with some hot cocoa and tea…extra sweet and lemon-y.  🙂

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Jun & V Mini Face Readings

I wanted to cover new faces and new features today.  You can check out Angelina Jolie’s Mini Face Reading for insights into other features that are covered in your Face Readings.

I love reading faces that you don’t see every single day.  Every face is unique in its own little way though.  Many people have similar personality features.  There is something quite unique about A.C.E’s leader Jun and BTS’s vocal V though.  I couldn’t just pick one person to read.  They’re both handsome and multi-talented.

This mini face reading covers three features that are included in your Face Readings.  I’ll also include a Bonus Attraction Tip below. 😉


Both Jun and V have a balanced listening style.  They are both communicative as well.  They can either take in information like a sponge and/or take their time to marinate on it.  Both can easily excel at languages, singing, acting, dancing, and problem solving for this reason.  They have already proven such as well!


Jun’s high cheekbones indicate a desire for justice and give and take.  This is quite important for any leader of a group.  Although he may at times feel like he has to take on more than everyone else, he does have support around him when he chooses to request it. 

V has always been quite adamant about enjoying his meals and never dieting.  It creates his healthy and full cheeks.  His cheeks indicate that he has a great deal of support around him.  He doesn’t even have to request it for it to come out of the blue for him.  His cheeks sit on his face in a way that can bring jealousy though.  He will need to stay focused on his gifts and hobbies to avoid getting distracted by jealous individuals.  Leadership ability is also within him to take on when he chooses.


Both Jun and V have chins that bring about a soft approach to their ambitions.  Although ambitious and problem solving, they will not run anyone over with a bulldozer to get what they want.  Jun’s Gemini sign and V’s Capricorn sign may use their support systems though.  They both have a clear idea of their likes and dislikes in life.  This can help them to maintain their individuality within and out of any group endeavor.

Bonus Attraction Tip!

V is already a naturally handsome young man with symmetrical facial attractions.  His eyeglasses however make him even more sophisticated and refined.  Eyeglasses and Sunglasses naturally help to even out faces.  Most faces aren’t 100% symmetrical.  Glasses help to create the illusion of symmetry.  This creates an attraction energy for many people. 

Eyeglasses in general (lenses in or out) often create the assumption that someone is intelligent and sophisticated.  It can even create a placebo effect for those who don’t normally wear them.  Wearing sunglasses often gives people the impression that someone is cool and chic.  Wearing sunglasses indoors just makes someone look like they partied too hard the night before.  That’s when the “cool” factor goes out the window.  Life is full of Choices though.  Don’t be afraid to sport your eyeglasses from time to time to test things out for yourself.  🙂 😎

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Venus in Retrograde

venus in retrograde

My blog post on Mercury in Retrograde has some similar points to Venus in Retrograde.  Mercury is a lot more communicative and mental though.

Venus is the planet of love, value, and self worth.  Venus asks that you love yourself first and foremost.  It’s necessary before you can truly love someone else.  When Venus heads into retrograde, we are asked to reevaluate where we are placing our time and values in life.

Are you valuing yourself enough?  Are you valuing your relationships with equal give and take?  Are you taking care of your practical foundations (health, career, finances, etc)?  Are you putting too much worth in your relationships and/or possessions? 

All of these questions will come around for you to examine.  Unresolved people, places, and things may pop up in your thoughts and/or in reality as well.  This is not the time to make major decisions on love and/or possessions.  Wait things out until after Venus heads direct again.  Take a breather if necessary to focus solely on what and who matters the most to you right now.  It may be time to just focus on yourself.  ❤

Venus will Retrograde from October 5th to November 16th in 2018.

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Easy Weight Loss & Workout Tips

cat workoutBTS’s Jin and Jungkook’s workout really made me laugh with inspiration below.  Sometimes I love and hate how much I can relate to other Sagittarians aka broad shoulders Jin.  The saying that “You’re unique and special…just like everyone else” is so funny and true when it comes to astrology signs.  One can always take maturity into consideration though. 

For a balanced Sagittarian, athletics and indulgence goes hand in hand.  Work hard and play hard in other words.  I’ve always been athletic since childhood.  Climbing trees went into the mix for some playful balance.  I’ve streamlined how I stay in shape with age though.  Here are some of the ways that I stay healthy and toned without doing too much…

* Portion control – I often eat portioned meals.  I use measuring cups and stick to the serving sizes.  Eating mostly organic, taking supplements like omega 3s, Vit D (permanent tan girls and the elderly have to consume more than everyone else), using healthy oils like olive oil (omega 9s), collagen powder (keeps it right and tight from the inside out), Vit C powder via Camu powder, and taking a non filler multivitamin from time to time helps.  I often look for the healthiest sweets available as well.  Sugar free sweets, almond flour cookies, and vegan carrot cake slices can make you forget about serving sizes though.  You’ll still come out winning though.  😉

* Body vibration machine and free weights – This is really the SECRET to how my body is still toned with very little maintenance.  My dancing and martial arts days are in the past for now.  These days I will do a simple workout with dumbbells or the body vibration machine.  You can position your body on the machine for toning any muscle in the body.  Check out an anatomy chart.  Understanding how your body works makes you appreciate it so much more!  My diet maintains the rest of the muscle tone.  A little goes a long way in life. 🙂 

* Sleep – Newsflash!  You can lose weight while you sleep!  Enjoy some calcium and magnesium powder at night for a great night’s sleep, afternoon nap, and/or body cell turnover weight loss session.  It’s just another SECRET that I use.  You can check out more sleeping tips at the Top 10 Ways to a Great Night’s Sleep post.

My post on Self Hypnosis can also assist you if you want to take on a deeper strategy.

* Laughter – My hehe, hahas, and lols are real.  I really do laugh throughout the day!  I guess that goes with being a balanced Sagittarian.  We think we’re hilarious and literally crack ourselves up.  Individuals with Dimples can often relate.  Check out Dimples in Face Reading to learn more.  Dimpled individuals have come to show their witty sides many times over.  Surround yourself with some positive ones and you’ll be guaranteed a good laugh!  More people just need a Common Sensei at the end of the  day as well.  hehe  Did you see the cute play on words.  🙂  When you focus on simple solutions vs. problems in life, you’ll be happier as well. 🙂

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The Future of Interior Home Design

The Future of Interior Home Design

I’m sitting here listening to JBJ (Just Be Joyful) New Moon album and feeling all kinds of chill.  The future continues on the Cute Faced Robots and Kpops route.  Here’s the latest in the “Future of” series for you to enjoy.

I spoke a bit about the future of homes in the Future of Relationships post.  In this post I wanted to explore the future possibilities of home interiors.  As more and more people look to eco friendly, minimalist, and non traditional home builds, it’s a great time to evaluate your own future needs.  The images above showcase some of the things that you may see in many Millennial and Generation Z homes, esp where children are minimal or nonexistent.  A simple 1 or 2 bedroom home may turn into a 6 room mini mansion with creative non traditional room designs.  You can apply many of these ideas to temporary or permanent rentals as well.

Eco Friendly Tech Homes

One story single level homes to two story townhomes may be outfitted with solar awnings, electric car garage chargers, insulated and blackout window films, fast growing privacy bamboo, etc.  Robot pets to robot vacuums provide hands off entertainment and cleaning.  Solar fountains for the birds, squirrels, and rabbits take care of Mother Nature’s water needs.  Faux lawns and faux outdoor plants make lawn care a breeze.  Solar string lights and solar walkway lights gives everything a glow up.

Future Kitchens

Eco friendly, Minimalist, and Tech Kitchens – The days of once a year fancy wedding plates are over.  Many will adopt reusable and eco friendly alternatives.  This can include bamboo bowls, portable induction stoves, compact appliances, electric composting, cabinet free kitchen designs, bar stool dining, and more.

Smart Fridges – Fridges will talk you through recipes, keep a grocery list, and be filled with delivered prepared meals.  Parties may change up with more savory vs. sweet “cakes”.  Kudos to Panda Express for creating a spring roll birthday cake for BTS’s Jungkook’s birthday!  It makes a great “cake” for Commitment Ceremonies to Chinese New Year parties!

Bulk Storage Kitchen Displays – Displaying daily bulk grocery deliveries in large jars are now part of the kitchen décor.  There’s no reason to hide it all away.  Most home visitors just want to know if there’s anything good to eat.  Open cabinets provide convenience for daily grab and go mini appliances and kitchen utensils.

Sunrooms – Whether your believe in global warming or not, Summers are hot!  An enclosed patio creates an extra room for a conservatory.  It also creates a lovely brunch spot.  Put the kitchen compost to use by regrowing vegetable scraps and plants in it.  A solar fan and curtains keeps the sunroom cool during the day.

Future Dining Rooms

Dining Game Rooms – The days of using a fancy dining room for only holidays are long gone.  Turning a dining room into a game room for yourself and/or guests is the future.  The same can be stated for some living rooms.

Future Living Rooms

Dining Lounges – The days of setting up a living room with “company only” mindsets are long gone.  Folding furniture, chairs with storage ottomans, chaise lounges, abstract and landscape art, portable fireplaces, etc creates a cozy setting.  A round folding table in the center provides a lovely dining lounge for yourself and/or guests.  Put on some smooth jazz or your favorite playlists for a chillaxing good time.

Future Bedrooms

Minimalist Bedroom Suites – Simple bedroom designs with hotel amenities (mini fridges, teas, snack bar, etc) allow you to treat yourself.

Alternative Rooms – Homes with more than one bedroom can go wild with creativity.  Closet boutique rooms, art rooms with folding guest beds, zen exercise rooms, music rooms, ball pits, etc are just some playful ideas.

Future Bathrooms

Minimalist Bathrooms – DIY and holistic toiletries continue to provide people with healthy alternatives to chemical products.  More than one bathroom provides couples with the peaceful separate bathrooms solution.  Everybody wins.

Master Bathroom closets may hold bulk DIY ingredients, toiletries, and towels vs. clothes.  Adding a lingerie/pajama section however can be convenient if you’re about that Pajamas Life. 😉

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