Denise DivineD

❤ How My Services Can Help You Today ❤

* Discover Your Divine Life Path and Purpose  

*   Reconnect with Your Divine Loved Ones in Spirit

*  Achieve Divine Mind, Body, and Spirit Healing

*  Achieve Divine Harmony and Balance in Your Home & Business

 ❤ Why I Love What I Do for You ❤

As a natural born psychic with over 20 years expertise, I offer you premium intuitive guidance and metaphysical support.  

My spiritual Indigo journey began at the tender age of five.  My natural surroundings and love of painting provided the spiritual foundations for my clairvoyance (clear sight) and clairaudience (clear hearing).  A profound angel experience during my early teens only enhanced my natural psychic abilities.
Providing relationship readings during my high school years ignited my love of spiritual service.  I continued serving throughout my college years where I taught online psychic development classes.  After many unique travels across the United States, I continue to provide clients with well rounded spiritual knowledge and cultural awareness.
I’ve been blessed to assist people from All Walks of Life and from All Over the World.

My M.A. and B.A. studies in Sociology provides you with an excellent resource for relationship clarity. 

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