Fame Lines in Palmistry


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I went from talking about how to avoid deep lines on the face with Collagen Foods to the deep lines on your Palms.  Perspective is everything.  lol 🙂

The “fame” line in palmistry is known as the Line of Apollo.  The Line of Apollo often brings talents in the arts, music, and communication fields.  It’s a minor line compared to the major lines of the Head, Heart, Life, and Fate Lines.  The Apollo Line rises up vertically on your palm to the Ring Finger.  The Apollo Line can start at different points on your palm. 

Typical starting points are from the Head Line (middle palm line) or from the Heart Line (top palm line) in the random art example above. 

I’ll use my own Apollo Lines as a case study example though.  I tried to take photos of my palms but it just wasn’t showing well enough. No biggie… 

My Dominant Hand is my Right Hand.  The Dominant Writing Hand represents your Present Lifetime.  The Non Dominant Hand represents your Past Life and Present Potentials.  My Apollo Line on my Right Hand begins at my Heart Line.  My Apollo Line on my Left Hand begins at my Head Line.  This indicates that fame/recognition/popularity may have arrived at an earlier age in previous lifetimes.  It shows potential for the same in my present lifetime as well… 

My first love and recognition in life did indeed come in from the arts as a child.  Painting is still my love.  It opened me up to my spiritual gifts as well.  It wasn’t until my late 20s that I really took spirituality more seriously as a work choice.  My Apollo Line starts after age 40 on my Right Hand though.  This is common for many people who have the Apollo Line on their Dominant Hand.  It can bring career recognition and/or fresh new starts in all areas of arts, music, and communications.  This is where one’s “Mid Life Crisis” can turn into a Mid Life Reinvention.  Staying young at heart and/or looking young can really be beneficial for this reason! 😉  I personally don’t know what will come after my 40s because I’m not there yet. 

True Fortune Telling should ONLY be used for present personal growth

This allows your Free Will free reign to explore the future.  Palm lines have been known to change and shift as we go through our life’s journey.  Simply enjoy the ride and document it along the way if you really want to test it out.  🙂

When it comes to lines that are known for fame and popularity, you really must create your own definitions of what it means to be successful, famous, popular, etc.  It’s different for everyone…and not everyone wants it! :-/  A great question to ask yourself in life is “What Have You Done to Change the World or Someone’s Life in a Positive Way?”  If you can can keep answering this question throughout your lifetime, you’re good to go!  Keep discovering your joys/hobbies in life and you’ll create your own Apollo Lines! 🙂


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