Valentine’s Day for Singles


Valentine’s Day comes every year with mixed feelings from both sexes.  There’s no reason to dislike the holiday though.  It’s a beautiful reminder to Treat Yourself.  There’s no pressure when it’s just Me, Myself, and I.  Singles can do the exact same things that dating couples do on the holiday. 

Here are a few ideas…


Treat yourself to a day out at your favorite cafe, bakery, leisure spot, etc.  Get a fancy car pick up for the day.  Limo for one?  Why the hell not!  😉  Buy yourself some flowers while you’re out…or get them delivered when you get back! ❤


Treat yourself to a Valentine’s Day Staycation with local resort deals.  Enjoy 24 hour room service if you want to treat yourself throughout the day! ❤


Treat yourself to a Spa Day.  Nothing says SELF LOVE more than taking care of your mind, body, and spirit.  ❤

Are you still not feeling the Valentine’s Day for Singles spirit?  More of a Halloween holiday fan?  Maybe a healthy laugh and cute reminder of how you’re a 21st Century Girl will do the trick (seek out the translation)…  😉 

Valentine’s Day is a great day to look at the healthy crushes in your life.  We all have them.  They are mirrored reflections of the Qualities Within Yourself that you need to bring up and/or release. 

Who are you adoring that brings out the Best in You

Welcome it into your Valentine’s Day. ❤

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