Lucky Feng Shui New Year Tips

feng shui new year tips

Every New Year is an opportunity to be Reborn like the Baby New Year.  The official New Year for many around the World begins on Chinese New Year.  This gives people plenty of time to get adjusted to the New Year’s Numerology every year.  2019 will reduce down to the single digit of 3 in its Year of the Pig.  More insights can be found at the New Year 2019 post.

Here’s some Feng Shui Tips to enjoy BEFORE Chinese New Year’s fresh start…

Cleaning Spree – Hire a housekeeper or do it yourself.  Giving your home a thorough cleaning and declutter opens up positive energy (chi).  Donate items early in the year for some extra karmic chi points.  Many donation services will come to you for your donations.

Spa Spree – Visit a day spa to get all polished up or do it yourself.  Cut “dead energy” away from your hair, clip your nails down for greater focus and concentration, and shave or wax whatever you want.  Enjoy a shower steam with a homemade salt scrub of coconut oil and salt.  You can then moisturize right after with the same antibacterial coconut oil. 

Here are a few Lucky Feng Shui Tips that you can apply DURING the Chinese New Year holiday…

chinese new year

Local Chinese New Year Events – Enjoy Lion and Dragon dances, fireworks, etc.  All are believed to ward off negative energies.  There’s no better way to experience a cultural holiday than to head to its authentic events.  Chinese New Year is celebrated in many countries and cities around the World.  Check to see what’s available in your country.

Wear & Decorate in Red & GoldRed and Gold are considered lucky colors in Chinese culture.  It’s recommended to avoid funeral and solitude colors like black during Chinese New Year.  Red envelopes with crisp money are also given, esp to children.  Work with even numbered amounts that include the lucky number eight.

Enjoy Lucky Foods – Display and eat mandarin oranges for wealth, spring rolls for wealth, dumplings for wealth, uncut noodles for longevity, and whole fish for even more abundance.  The key is to eat only some of the fish to have leftover abundance for the year. 😉

Happy Lucky Feng Shui New Year!

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