New Year New BOPS 2019

snoopy dancing

2019 is not playing with anyone when it comes to expressing oneself through song and dance!  I even hit a high note of happiness singing YAASSSSSS when I heard the first BOP of the year! 

I’ll update this blog post as the year goes along. 🙂

  • Roh Taehyun – 1st Mini Album Solo Debut – Fellow Rooster, Hotshot member, and former JBJ member came with some cute BOPS to start the year off!  The whole mini album has some cute two step beats.  I also just like Roh’s chill voice.  Congrats Roh Taehyun! 😀
  • Taemin – You don’t have to prove everything in life when you’re good at what you do.  Your past accomplishments speak for themselves as well.  This is always the case with Shinee’s Taemin.  His 2nd Mini Album is another Rooster starting 2019 off.  Congrats Taemin! 😀 Gotta love a sweet voice and a little snake dance!
  • ASTRO – I’m fairly new to the group Astro.  I knew of their name back in 2017 when I first got introduced to Kmusic.  Sometimes you have to pace yourself when things are new.  Their recent Ballad BOP is really good though!  I may not know the member’s names yet, but you’re never late to a Ballad BOP party! 🙂  I must say the video had me wanting a conservatory full of pretty male idol flowers!  They looked so aesthetic!  If only you could grow pretty K idols like little chia pet pottery plants. Is that creepy though?  haha Congrats ASTRO!