Dreams vs Premonitions


Dreams and Premonitions often get misunderstood.  I’ll try to explain the difference in the easiest way that I know how aka my own personal experiences.  This is just Part 2 of The Normal of the Paranormal.

Dreams – Dreams often come with a lot of symbolism.  They can make you feel like you’re in an amusement park’s fun house.  They can include common symbols like flying, houses, cars, random scenarios, and other people.  These symbols all represent aspects of desiring freedom and personal expression.  They are all aspects of yourself that carry you along in life.  Houses represent you and all of the aspects that go on within yourself.  Cars represent your human body carrying your spirit around.  Other people represent aspects of yourself as well if you don’t know them.  Dream interpretation is all about putting the symbols together to figure out your subconscious’s storyline and messages.  Recurring dreams simply ask that you figure out the storyline already. lol

Visitation Dreams –  Visitation dreams are simply dreams where you are communicating telepathically with a passed loved one.  The 3 am – 6 am times of the night are quite lovely for these types of dreams.  Often times you are visiting the passed loved one on the other side/4th dimension and/or seeing them from the other side if you’re awake (your natural clairvoyance vision).  I’ve personally only been visited by one “celebrity” by the way for those who are curious.  The celebrity scene isn’t really my thing.  I don’t talk about it though out of respect because I was a fan of his music as well.  Enough time has passed though.  Any Kmusic fan can figure out who it is.  He was really active around me after his death that occurred 2 days before my birthday in 2017.  I will be honest.  I was pretty upset about it for a few weeks for both reasons.  It was really just a mix of frustration and slight guilt because I knew something was brewing that year after Halloween.  I just couldn’t put my finger on it.  I wasn’t supposed to know though.  It wasn’t my place.  He was all smiles and holding a brown dog in his lap though.  He answered some of my questions that I had about other idols and showed some that he was visiting as well.  He was visiting a lot of people at that time, especially many of his fans who were really invested in him and his group.  It was really sweet.  Spirits don’t have the energy of “time” to work with.  The energy is happy and unlimited.  He’s a beautiful spirit that anyone can call on!  There’s no status lines in the spirit world.  ❤  You can always light a candle if you miss someone who has passed.  You can check out the post Rainbow Candle Magick.  Just keep your physical environment and yourself healthy and mentally positive.  Smudging your environment and yourself with incense smoke and/or salt have been known to clear negativity for more positivity.  🙂

Premonitions –  Premonitions often come with clear scenes.  It’s as if you are watching a movie.  There are NO weird scenarios, symbols, etc running around.  It’s start to finish with a lot of details.  You may even be able to pinpoint the exact locations on maps, etc afterward.  The people, places, sounds, etc are shown loud and clear.  Premonitions can come in dreams and/or visions. 

I’ve personally found that the premonitions that I’ve had come with the energy timing of 2 and 3.  This means that I’ve seen things come to life within 2-3 days, 2-3 weeks, 2-3 months, or even 2-3 years.  The Universe vibrates to 3s though.  It’s often best to keep this in mind if you do have a premonition for yourself and/or others.  Give it up to 3 days to 3 years to come to pass.  People who have had premonitions of events like the Titanic have experienced similar timing, if not shorter.  This is where even a short amount of time (2-3 minutes) of a premonition may save you or someone’s life.  You may avoid something like a traffic jam by waiting out a premonition vision that has the timing of 2-3 minutes for example.  I’ve had this occur as well.  Free will must be taken into account for yourself and others as well.  Even if you’ve had a premonition, it doesn’t mean that the event will actually occur.  You and others can always change things up by choosing to take the advice or not.  This is where actual predictions can just turn into good suggestions and vice versa.  You can’t really get an ego about it either way.  Just trust your gut and you’re good to go.  🙂

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