Pet Parenting Tips

So this cutie (Holly) popped up within minutes of getting the feeling like I needed to post something this morning.  Ah Rooster timing!  Thanks Suga!  It’s no secret that I love BTS’s Min Yoongi/Suga’s rap flow.  Suga is low key my fellow Rooster kindred spirit on a lot of levels as well.  I like a lot of Roosters though.  Love Yourself and your Chinese Astrology Animal Sign in other words.  You will not feel so “different” in the World…even if you try to! 😉

If you’re feeling like kids aren’t for you after the Parenting Generations post, well there are always robot pets or swaggy curly haired cutie pies like Holly.


The greatest tips for parenting pets is similar to how you should parent yourself…

1. Watch your psychic energy and mood levels.  Read the Pet Communications post to open up to your own natural abilities of psychic telepathy. 

2. Focus on organic nutrition.  Grain free dog foods are best for dogs.  You can even take the extra step to make your own dog and cat foods from scratch.  Organic vegetables are naturally great for small mammals (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc). 

3. Provide comfortable environments for sleeping and exercise.  I’m a former pet owner of guinea pigs, hamster, fish, hermit crab, and a puppy for a day (the impulse rescue wasn’t for me).  I was also a former semi babysitter of past roommate’s dogs and cats.  I’ve been around a lot of animals, including nature’s adorable to reptilian species!  Cats are by far the most “gangsta” pets that I’ve ever communicated with though. 🙂  They speak honestly for all of the animal kingdom is simply wanting comfortable bedding, high places to sit eye to eye with you, play time, and positive energies all around.  No hoarders or plane comfort animal boarders allowed!  Yall need human assistance, not animal assistance!  I’m just saying. 🙂

Exercise is very important.  Play time and atleast 30 minute walks outside of cages is important.  Even my past hamster knew EXACTLY what time he would be let out of his cage at night.  He would even remind me with a look as he gathered by the door with his little muscles arms up.  haha They need those little wheels to take on all of that energy as well.  Animals definitely aren’t stupid! 🙂  Consistency can really help you and them to get some play and exercise.  Allowing all mammals to have some time outdoors in a controlled environment is healthy.  Just make sure that your yard is pesticide free.

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