Your 2019 Starter Kit

The Year 2019’s #3 energy post was all about seeing the funny side of things.  Anyone with a healthy sense of humor will find 2019 to be a funny year.  Here are some popular memes and their attached items to have on hand…

Tea – Enjoy an internal warm hug of hot tea this winter.  Chillax it down with some ice cubes during the Spring and Summer.  Either way you are saying the same thing…“That’s none of my business though”.

kermit sipping tea

Hoodie – A hoodie comes in handy.  It can keep you warm, cover up a bad hair day, and/or help you navigate from any impulsive decision that you made the night before.  Add some sunglasses, a black dust mask, and you’ll feel like it’s your own invisibility cloak.  The Universe can still see you though.  😉

hooded kermit

Pajamas – The laid back year will have some people finding creative and multiple uses from their pajama collections.  You may opt for more humorous onesies and/or wear all flannel pajama pants as your going out pants.  Even satin lingerie chemises over leggings may be your style.  You’ll be sure to see some creative/inner child clothing creations this year…and plenty of facial expressions to go along with it!

pajama kid meme

Popcorn – Whether it’s a reboot of a Twilight Zone type sci fi show, vampires, stage musicals, performances by any Korean male idol or group or just Vixx, the year will bring its share of amazing entertainment!  Streamline ahead of time to avoid getting caught up in petty life entertainments though.  😉


Have a Happy and Blessed New Year! ❤

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