Spiritual Travel Vlogging

Spiritual and Leisure travel will continue as new generations take it on with a passion.  Generation Z and Generation A will surely understand the meaning of “me, myself, and I” when it comes to “me time” travels…and everything else!  I shared several posts so far on what we can look forward to with future travels.  Check out The Future of Travel post and the Spiritual Travels post. 

Today I came across one of the most beautiful travel vlogs that I’ve ever seen!  It comes from Vixx’s N’s (Cha Hakyeon) new youtube channel.  He’s definitely representing for the chill multi-talented Millennials.  This is a beautiful example of vlogging for those who are thinking about sharing their future explorations and/or daily lives.  You don’t always have to be chit chatty when it comes to sharing.  Enjoy his beautiful and relaxing trip to Suncheon below. 🙂