Biorhythm Compatibility

In my previous post I talked about the 20 and 2 numbered birthdays.  I forgot to mention how much they love to be pampered and relax.  I literally slept my birthday away on the 20th yesterday.  No regrets. 🙂 Even the numerology days of 2 and 20 will bring in the same chill energy.  Make those days your “me time” days if you can.

Well I’m always up for a Kpop ship…real or not.  I’m not here to make ships official on my blog.  I’m just here to use some ships as positive examples for others because love is love, like is like, and I represent for the spiritual chillaxing B in LGBT.  For this post, I’m going to use the cute “Dongjun” ship from two group members of A.C.E.  These boys know how to relax on their performance schedules!  It’s nothing yall can’t do as well though.  Don’t hate the playa or the game. lol 😉


Biorhythms are your daily energy patterns.  You can calculate your daily Emotional (mood), Physical (energy), and Intellectual (mental alertness) Biorhythms by using your birthday.  You can even set the calculator to a specific date to see how your biorhythms may shift.  You can also calculate your Biorhythm compatibility with someone else.  This is where you can determine how you and another “flow” through life.

Park Junhee’s birthday (6-2-94) with Lee Donghun’s birthday (2-28-93) calculates to the following biorhythm compatibility via’s astrology tab…

This biorhythm compatibility indicates that 99% of the time Dongjun are on the same energetic levels.  When one is feeling energetic, the other is as well.  The same goes for their low energy days.  Physical biorhythm compatibility can also indicate physical attraction if it’s not platonic. 

Their intellectual levels for mental alertness are similar on the high and low ends as well.  Their emotional biorhythms are at 33%.  This indicates that when one individual is feeling happy go lucky, the other can simply benefit from their great moods.  This is the best solution to avoid emotional disconnects. 

The average mean of this biorhythm compatibility is at 76%.  Friends with benefits to romantic partnerships can all benefit from average biorhythms in the 70%-89% range.  The 90% to 100% ranges often bring intensity that the partners will have to manage.  You’ll always have 100% with someone that shares the exact same birthday with you.

Test it out for yourself! 😎

dongjun biorhythm compatibility
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