Old Souls Young Spirits

old souls young spirits

As another birthday arrives on Dec 20th, I find myself always checking in with myself and the duality of being an old soul with a young spirit.  You’ll usually spot us because we have “old” eyes on a youthful face.  The eyes say “I’ve seen a lot of shit so I’m just going to stay unbothered”.  The baby face just giggles “hehehehe” at the most random things.  One minute the old soul is wanting to nurture the World and everyone in it like a mother, the next minute the young spirit is wanting to forget about the World and do whatever it wants in it.  It’s quite the duality! 

The energy of the #2 birthday also adds an interesting mix for those who carry it.  The #2 is naturally intuitive, sensitive, personable, and a bit superficial.  The added #0 to numbers aka 20 simply enhances further intuition and spiritual completions.  The #0 is the intuitive grounding agent and the fuel to any number.  This applies to birthdays on the 10th, 20th, and 30th.  Spiritual balance is key on your path!

As you head into the New Year, you can get an idea of how to best utilize your birthday number for 2019 below.  You can learn more about 2019 at The Year 2019.

Simply reduce your birthday # down to a single digit between the #s 1-9 to get started…

#1 – Focus on your independence and goals.  Schedule time for others to avoid making everything about you.  Initiate in relationships.

#2 – Welcome in new relationships, hobbies, and spiritual gifts.  Avoid anything that may become too draining.  Streamline every now and then to take note of your emotional needs.  Trust your gut.

#3 – Find various ways to communicate and express yourself.  Stay grounded with hobbies and interest groups.  Avoid getting too indulgent.  Have a plan B.

#4 – Stay organized to keep worries out of your mind.  Consider new crafts and DIY projects.  Streamline to the Universal #3 to avoid doing too much (3 tasks, etc, etc).

#5 – Travel and explore the World.  Put any restless energy to use with DIY projects as well.  Avoid restless dramas and too much indulgence as well.

#6 – Take time to nurture yourself in various ways (garden, cook, etc).  Ask for what you need to avoid taking on too much.  Delegate in all areas of your domestic and business life.

#7 – Take on a new study.  Visit spiritual locations in nature and/or near water.  Balance your “me time” with “people time” to avoid isolation.

#8 – Express yourself with some tact by writing things down.  Don’t take on too much in trying to keep up with others.  Focus on the new vs. the old.  You don’t want to take on renovations that are unnecessary.  Stick to a budget.

#9 – Give yourself a pat on the back every now and then to be your own emotional reassurance.   Take on more leadership roles in groups.  Take time for spiritual travels as well.

You can discover more personal insights with a personal consultation above. 🙂

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