Gothic Holidays

I know I’m not alone in the “Oh I don’t celebrate Christmas” response when people ask me what I want, wish me a Merry Christmas, etc.  Many times I just reply with “Cash” and “Thanks”.  lol I simply prefer Halloween more so.  I talked about that at the Feng Shui Halloween post. 

As I was taking in the fun Kmusic stages that go down during the MAMAs, I was all ooooo and yaaaasss when I watched former JBJ member Kim Donghan’s stage come up.  This young man straight up came out of a coffin for his stage introduction…during the month of December! haha  I’m no stranger to stating my love of sophisticated Vampire concepts.  The Widow’s Peaks post explains a lot of it. 

If you’re not ready for music to turn into non stop holiday tunes (excludes Mariah and George Michael’s holiday classics), here’s Donghan’s most recent MAMA performance below.  You can then continue reading the post below…

If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional holiday themes, try a gothic theme.   You can still be festive and participate in the holidays without looking like a total Grinch.  🙂

Here are 3 ways that you can decorate….

1. Upside Down Christmas Tree –  This solution is said to be a space saver for those with small living spaces.  I personally think it’s just people getting tired of traditional holiday decor every year.  It will bring in the non traditional quirky energy that a lot of artistic people need.

2. Gothic Decorations – Black cats, smiling skeletons, dragons, and/or black, white, red, gold, and/or purple ornaments can spice things up.  A sophisticated black, white, and gold theme can get you ready for any New Years Party as well.

3. Hooded Robes – Stay warm and cozy with some hooded robes.  You’ll look like you came right out a Lord of the Rings movie…or any other media that has dragons and cute elves. 🙂

Happy Gothic Holidays!

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