Spiritual Travels

spiritual travels

If you’re headed out on a spiritual adventure, there are a few Zen tips that you may want to consider beforehand…

1. Trust Your Gut – Most people know where they’d like to visit around the World.  This can be due to past lives and/or present life interests.  One trick that you can use is to place an image of a map under your pillow.  Literally sleeping on it can bring in intuitive dreams.  This will give you an idea of locations that are best suited for your current energy needs. 

I’ve personally had recurring visions of the talented Jungkook from BTS recommending Busan.  Even certain beaches and dialogue came in with the visions.  It has been quite persistent for a few months now!  I will not go into detail about it all (friendly Ox and Rooster compatibility eh?), but it’s definitely a spot that some may want to consider if they visit S.K within the next 3 years!  The next three years is what people need to take note of as well.  Some great progressions are ahead! 🙂

2. Stick to the Universal 3s – The Universe vibrates in 3s.  Take note of the Top 3 countries, states, cities, etc that you wish to visit.  You can even take note of the Top 3 landmarks, restaurants, hiking trails, hotels, etc that you wish to visit as well.  This can help you to organize your travels without getting overwhelmed.  You can even plan a 3 month trip out with 3 week stays in each spot.

3. Stay at Zen Hotels, Rentals, etc – Look for minimalist locations that pride themselves in relaxation.  Japantown in San Fran for example is a Japanese escape from the rest of the city.  A lot of cities and countries often have zen spots for you to choose from. 

4. Incense & Salts –  Incense is a great way to smudge your new locations, souvenirs, etc.  Everything holds energy.  It’s personally how women and men mark their territory in dating relationships.  They buy you stuff.  lol  Take some incense sticks with you to give your aura and your possessions a once over.  Holding things in your hands before purchasing them can often give you an intuitive sense as well.  This is a form of psychometry (feeling out an object’s energy).  Less is generally more though.  Consider if you’re actually going to put any souvenir to use. 

Epsom bath salts provide your aura with an auric cleanse after a long day of hiking and/or relaxing.  You’ll also get a healthy dose of relaxing magnesium.

5. Food Options – High vibration foods will keep you feeling energized and less weighed down during your travels.  Gather up some fruits and veggie meals via grocery store stops, grocery store delivery services, and/or room service.  Discover what’s available beforehand to save you time.

6.  All Inclusive – Sometimes it’s best to just go with an all inclusive resort that does everything for you.  These spa resort retreats can really put your mind at ease if you’re not into planning activities, meals, etc beforehand.

Happy Zen Travels! 😀

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