5 Things to Avoid in 2019

You can visit my post on 2019’s Numerology #3 Year HERE.  The last #3 indulgent year was in 2010.  It was in no means drama free for those who were active participants in it.  For those who came out of it with just a tilted halo, congrats.  Now you’ll know better this time around. 😎

I’ve decided to have a little #3 musical fun with these 5 warnings below.  This is for all of those who are still on that YOLO mindset in 2019.  Just make sure that you’re also working with that problem solving mindset as well!  You may need to come up with more solutions than you realized. :-/

1. Don’t Make a Major Move –  You’ll probably end up moving more than once if you do.  It’s a great year to travel, but don’t get impulsive.  Be flexible, esp if it involves unique living arrangements. 

I’m still not done with my travels and moves as a nomadic Sagittarius.  Many may relate to the song below as well!  Jupiter continues through Sagittarius in 2019.  You can read more about the transit HERE.


2.  Don’t Rush Marriage – There were literally two marriage proposals that went down in 2010 for me.  Vegas is a great place to visit, but do take marriage seriously.  #3 years can make everyone fall in love with the IDEA of love vs. the reality of it.  Enjoy the people that you meet, but don’t do anything stupid.  Many will come to their senses before they do though. 😉 

It can be a great year to throw a party/wedding/commitment ceremony for couples who have been together for atleast 3 years.  You can visit the 276 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married/Serious post HERE to know for sure.


3.  Don’t Cheat – The minute you think about cheating, it’s already over.  You’re either going to do it or repress the desire until it explodes.  Be mature and breakup first!  I was mature to break a relationship the minute the cheating desire hit.  Women and Men should just trust their guts if a relationship isn’t right for them.  It’s OK.  Just do it face to face and take responsibility.  The stereotype that ONLY men cheat is all wrong.  Ladies know it!  We do have the other one lined up already though. Just saying.  Just keep the break simple is all. 

It’s also a great year to try dating someone that you don’t normally date.  Interracial relationships are very common in #3 years.  You may just want to stay single and mingle instead of commit!  🙂


4.  Don’t Get Pregnant – Congratulations if you’re wanting a wee one though.  #3 years are great for procreation!  Just make sure it’s with the right person!  Safety first if you’re just dating and not ready to make a life changing decision.  Know your “oops” options ahead of time.  Couples that get impulsive baby fever can always adopt a hamster…you know something that lasts for about 3 years aka the length of most relationships these days.  I’m just keeping it 100! 🙂


5.  Avoid Addictions – I don’t care what you choose to do in your recreational time, esp in states and countries where marijuana is legal.  #3 years bring out escapism in a lot of people.  TOO much of ANYTHING can become an addiction (sex, drugs, alcohol, obsessive behaviors, etc).  Know your limits and the crowd that you wish to keep. 

As an Intuitive Reiki healer, I really got a first hand look at the dark sides of people’s auras during 2010.  You would be amazed at the type of entities that attach to addict’s chakras.   Keep your wine glasses half full.  Get your “contact highs” from some OG Jamiroquai.  😉 

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