End of the Year 2018 Music Awards

Music will always be my inspiration and joy.  I wanted to celebrate some of the music that I’ve enjoyed over the 2018 year.  It was a pretty slow year for music in my personal opinion.  I tend to like music that’s not always represented on popular charts.  You will see that I’ve included a lot of Korean artists.  That’s what I’ve listened to the most all year.  The Korean language is really pretty with a good vocalist behind it.  You may just find yourself enjoying it as well.  You can always translate the songs with the CC feature or song translation videos.  You may just enjoy it without translations as well.

Best Start to Finish Albums: 

The 90s spoiled everyone with great BOPS.  The beats still resonate today for those who hit up a playlist or two.  I personally felt a little nostalgic and enjoyed some originality with two albums this year. 

The first award goes to Exo’s Tempo album.  I really did find myself listening to it over and over from start to finish.  I even recognized some one hit wonder beats from the 90s.  Real 90s girls will recognize the particular song beat when you hear it. Do do doo doo Do do doo doo hehe 😉

The second award goes to JBJ’s New Moon album.  I just loved the chillaxing flow of the album.  The album and even some of the charismatic members (Kim Donghan) inspired several blog posts.

Best Original Rap: 

Rap has been dead for me since the 90s.  I really stopped listening to it until I learned about Kpop from BTS last year.  It just makes sense to have rappers and vocalists in the same group! The U.S. is still late to this common sense music concept.  It really works!  We could always switch some over to R&B though.  You can’t mess that genre up.  hehe 😛

This original rap award goes to BTS’s rapline for Ddaeng.   It’s the only BTS rap unit song that I still listen to like Yaaasss!!  The korean instrumentals were the icing on the cake!  Every former musician knows to listen to the backgrounds before the foregrounds.  Both were on point though!  Suga’s silky pajama rap style makes me the weakest though.  He represents for all the Rooster rappers out there in my opinion.  You have to have atleast one Rooster rapper in your Kpop group if you ask me.  I’m just saying.  😎

Best Sexy Mood Song:

The award goes to Vixx’s Scentist.  This song is something else.  It’s a whole mood.  The choreography is pretty clever too!  The video may give you Vampire Chronicles energy.  I’m certainly not complaining though.  I love a good Vampire concept.  Sexy song!  There’s a Rooster rapper in Vixx too!

Best Happy Mood Songs:

The first award goes to BTS’s J-Hope for Daydream.  J-Hope is such a talented guy!  He’s so consistent in singing, dancing, and rapping!  He could easily go solo one day.  I’d stan him!  Daydream is a really cute song to put you in a good mood.  It could just be J-Hope as well though. 🙂

The second award goes to A.C.E’s Take Me Higher.  This group has some really talented guys!  They can all dance and sing well.  They are also really cute!  Guess what?  There’s a Rooster rapper in A.C.E as well.  I’m telling ya it’s a must to have atleast one in every Kpop group!  A.C.E is a group to watch in the future if you enjoy all of the above mentioned categories.  They really do have a bit of it all. 😀

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