Rainbow Candle Magick

rainbow candle magick

I’m listening to Shinee’s Key’s new BOP song “One of Those Nights” ft. Crush right now on repeat.  As I’m tuning into the song’s energy and attempting to translate very little Korean into English, images kept popping into my head instead.  Now here we are at the blog. lol The song is about missing someone at night by the way.  Kudos to translators! 

The song had me thinking about all the many people who want to know about when their exes are coming back, new love coming in, and everything in between.  The words “Work that Goddess Status and Worship Yourself” is always what I want to tell women in response.  I find other ways to say it though.  It is a great way to look at life though.  Everyone truly has God/Goddess duality energy within.  A lot of people still put a lot of their energy and self worth into outside people, places, and things, esp at night when darkness brings out the “darkness” within them.  The night hours are the best hours of the day to be empowered though!  The energy is quite alive and willing to work with you, not against you.

Tools like battery operated candles provide people with a physical focus for achieving greater control of themselves and their desires.  This allows them to work with the Universe’s Law of Attraction aka the ONLY true Magick. 

You can visit the Chakra Color Therapy post to learn about how each chakra color manifests life force energy into your mind, body, and spirit.  The color meanings can be applied to the candles as well.  All colors are birthed from white light energy at the end of the day.  Simply work with white battery operated candles.  You can paint any color dab onto the candle to change it up to the color energy that you prefer.  Keep it simple by writing out anything that you desire.  Just keep other people’s names out of the mix!  The Universe will deliver what you’re personally ready for.  You can never force another person’s free will.  Focus on self motivated goals that you can personally put action steps toward.  You can visit the Bucket List post to get some more ideas for your magick goals.  Happy flickering!  🙂

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