Mercury in Retrograde

mercury in retrograde lovers

The astrological transit “Mercury in Retrograde” is all about Rest, Reevaluation, and Release.  It’s quite similar to the two week Full Moon phase.  Mercury in Retrograde lasts about three weeks though.  The pre-retrograde energies often start atleast a week beforehand to get you prepared. 

Mark the Mercury in Retrograde transits down onto a moon phase calendar to keep up.  They are updated below for the Year 2019.  Test the transits out for yourself. 

Mercury in Retrograde can come with many set patterns and behaviors.  I always “side eye” a lot of things when Mercury in Retrograde shenanigans go down.  I’m already a laid back “whatever goes” Sagittarius Rooster sooo I try not to get too chatty during this time.  It can be an amusing time though if you look on the bright side.  😉

Mercury is the planet of thoughts, communications, and travel.  Its retrogrades can bring hiccups in these areas.  Misunderstandings, delays, foggy thoughts, and reevaluations of the past can come about.  It’s best to be flexible with plan A, B, and Cs.  Repeat things if necessary.  It’s also a great time to get things in writing.  One’s mind can often change once Mercury heads direct again.  It’s best not to make any Major decisions during the retrograde time.  Clearer thoughts will become available to you after Mercury heads direct again.  🙂

Mercury in Retrogrades for 2019

March 5th – March 28th

July 8th – Aug 1st

Oct 31st – Nov 20th


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