Easy Weight Loss & Workout Tips

cat workoutBTS’s Jin and Jungkook’s workout really made me laugh with inspiration below.  Sometimes I love and hate how much I can relate to other Sagittarians aka broad shoulders Jin.  The saying that “You’re unique and special…just like everyone else” is so funny and true when it comes to astrology signs.  One can always take maturity into consideration though. 

For a balanced Sagittarian, athletics and indulgence goes hand in hand.  Work hard and play hard in other words.  I’ve always been athletic since childhood.  Climbing trees went into the mix for some playful balance.  I’ve streamlined how I stay in shape with age though.  Here are some of the ways that I stay healthy and toned without doing too much…

* Portion control – I often eat portioned meals.  I use measuring cups and stick to the serving sizes.  Eating mostly organic, taking supplements like omega 3s, Vit D (permanent tan girls and the elderly have to consume more than everyone else), using healthy oils like olive oil (omega 9s), collagen powder (keeps it right and tight from the inside out), Vit C powder via Camu powder, and taking a non filler multivitamin from time to time helps.  I often look for the healthiest sweets available as well.  Sugar free sweets, almond flour cookies, and vegan carrot cake slices can make you forget about serving sizes though.  You’ll still come out winning though.  😉

* Body vibration machine and free weights – This is really the SECRET to how my body is still toned with very little maintenance.  My dancing and martial arts days are in the past for now.  These days I will do a simple workout with dumbbells or the body vibration machine.  You can position your body on the machine for toning any muscle in the body.  Check out an anatomy chart.  Understanding how your body works makes you appreciate it so much more!  My diet maintains the rest of the muscle tone.  A little goes a long way in life. 🙂 

* Sleep – Newsflash!  You can lose weight while you sleep!  Enjoy some calcium and magnesium powder at night for a great night’s sleep, afternoon nap, and/or body cell turnover weight loss session.  It’s just another SECRET that I use.  You can check out more sleeping tips at the Top 10 Ways to a Great Night’s Sleep post.

My post on Self Hypnosis can also assist you if you want to take on a deeper strategy.

* Laughter – My hehe, hahas, and lols are real.  I really do laugh throughout the day!  I guess that goes with being a balanced Sagittarian.  We think we’re hilarious and literally crack ourselves up.  Individuals with Dimples can often relate.  Check out Dimples in Face Reading to learn more.  Dimpled individuals have come to show their witty sides many times over.  Surround yourself with some positive ones and you’ll be guaranteed a good laugh!  More people just need a Common Sensei at the end of the  day as well.  hehe  Did you see the cute play on words.  🙂  When you focus on simple solutions vs. problems in life, you’ll be happier as well. 🙂

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