The Future of Interior Home Design

The Future of Interior Home Design

I’m sitting here listening to JBJ (Just Be Joyful) New Moon album and feeling all kinds of chill.  The future continues on the Cute Faced Robots and Kpops route.  Here’s the latest in the “Future of” series for you to enjoy.

I spoke a bit about the future of homes in the Future of Relationships post.  In this post I wanted to explore the future possibilities of home interiors.  As more and more people look to eco friendly, minimalist, and non traditional home builds, it’s a great time to evaluate your own future needs.  The images above showcase some of the things that you may see in many Millennial and Generation Z homes, esp where children are minimal or nonexistent.  A simple 1 or 2 bedroom home may turn into a 6 room mini mansion with creative non traditional room designs.  You can apply many of these ideas to temporary or permanent rentals as well.

Eco Friendly Tech Homes

One story single level homes to two story townhomes may be outfitted with solar awnings, electric car garage chargers, insulated and blackout window films, fast growing privacy bamboo, etc.  Robot pets to robot vacuums provide hands off entertainment and cleaning.  Solar fountains for the birds, squirrels, and rabbits take care of Mother Nature’s water needs.  Faux lawns and faux outdoor plants make lawn care a breeze.  Solar string lights and solar walkway lights gives everything a glow up.

Future Kitchens

Eco friendly, Minimalist, and Tech Kitchens – The days of once a year fancy wedding plates are over.  Many will adopt reusable and eco friendly alternatives.  This can include bamboo bowls, portable induction stoves, compact appliances, electric composting, cabinet free kitchen designs, bar stool dining, and more.

Smart Fridges – Fridges will talk you through recipes, keep a grocery list, and be filled with delivered prepared meals.  Parties may change up with more savory vs. sweet “cakes”.  Kudos to Panda Express for creating a spring roll birthday cake for BTS’s Jungkook’s birthday!  It makes a great “cake” for Commitment Ceremonies to Chinese New Year parties!

Bulk Storage Kitchen Displays – Displaying daily bulk grocery deliveries in large jars are now part of the kitchen décor.  There’s no reason to hide it all away.  Most home visitors just want to know if there’s anything good to eat.  Open cabinets provide convenience for daily grab and go mini appliances and kitchen utensils.

Sunrooms – Whether your believe in global warming or not, Summers are hot!  An enclosed patio creates an extra room for a conservatory.  It also creates a lovely brunch spot.  Put the kitchen compost to use by regrowing vegetable scraps and plants in it.  A solar fan and curtains keeps the sunroom cool during the day.

Future Dining Rooms

Dining Game Rooms – The days of using a fancy dining room for only holidays are long gone.  Turning a dining room into a game room for yourself and/or guests is the future.  The same can be stated for some living rooms.

Future Living Rooms

Dining Lounges – The days of setting up a living room with “company only” mindsets are long gone.  Folding furniture, chairs with storage ottomans, chaise lounges, abstract and landscape art, portable fireplaces, etc creates a cozy setting.  A round folding table in the center provides a lovely dining lounge for yourself and/or guests.  Put on some smooth jazz or your favorite playlists for a chillaxing good time.

Future Bedrooms

Minimalist Bedroom Suites – Simple bedroom designs with hotel amenities (mini fridges, teas, snack bar, etc) allow you to treat yourself.

Alternative Rooms – Homes with more than one bedroom can go wild with creativity.  Closet boutique rooms, art rooms with folding guest beds, zen exercise rooms, music rooms, ball pits, etc are just some playful ideas.

Future Bathrooms

Minimalist Bathrooms – DIY and holistic toiletries continue to provide people with healthy alternatives to chemical products.  More than one bathroom provides couples with the peaceful separate bathrooms solution.  Everybody wins.

Master Bathroom closets may hold bulk DIY ingredients, toiletries, and towels vs. clothes.  Adding a lingerie/pajama section however can be convenient if you’re about that Pajamas Life. 😉

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