Feng Shui Halloween

Halloween Lovers:  Halloween Decor!  Sucks that it comes out once a year.

Also Halloween Lovers:  Buy it all!  Make it your decor!

feng shui halloween

Halloween is the most creative time of the year.  It continues to gain more and more fans every year.  It’s a wonderful time to express yourself, esp if you’re not doing it year round.  It can be a great ice breaker for new families in neighborhoods and/or for potential real estate investors to check out the Extreme Halloween Lovers in the neighborhood.  Overall it’s a fun time for kiddos and kiddos at heart to replenish their healthy and not so healthy candy stashes.  Moderation is key. 😉

feng shui halloween pumpkins

Halloween can be as carefree and fun as you make it.  Whether you are going with a sophisticated Vampire theme or an indulgent Pirate’s of the Caribbean theme (Shanghai Disney ride ideas at https://youtu.be/BP4JFCTlZ1U), it’s important to consider some basic Feng Shui guidelines.  Decorating once a year will not do too much damage though. 

*Compass directions should be taken into consideration. 

Water energy (blues, blacks, water fountains, etc) in the South and Southwest sectors can water down your fame/reputation and relationships.  Stick to solar string lights for an eco friendly light show, pair items up for a “spooky” dining table foodie spread, and/or set your favorite music on play for an upbeat dance vibe.

*Comedy always works. 

Halloween can be one of the funniest times of the year.  People really go all out to make funny costumes and decorations.  Consider pairing up skeletons for funny scenes (yoga positions, playing chess, eating, taking a nap, etc).  Put your literal funny bones to work.  Nothing beats the positive energy and health benefits of laughing. 😀

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