The Year 2019 Pt. 2 – Year of the Pig

The year of the pig 2019

The Year 2019 Pt 1 HERE is honestly the same as The Year of the Pig (Feb 5th 2019).  It’s funny how the Universe works out.  Pig years come with a similar set of guidelines.  These include taking time for yourself, enjoying loved ones, enjoying creative pursuits, managing your budgets/indulgences, and taking time for your spirituality.

The piggy is the last of the 12 animal signs in Chinese Astrology.  The Year of the Pig is all about reflecting on the past 11 animal years.  The past may come around for you to release what is nolonger working for you.  It’s a great year to kiss all toxic people, places, and things Buh Bye!  Just tell them to kiss your pork chops.  😉  Positive relationships can improve by enjoying more leisure activities together.  New friendships and relationships can also come about that are compatible with your Chinese Astrology Sign HERE.

Have a Great Year of the Pig!  🙂

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