The Future of Food

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This post came a bit out of the blue as I was watching one of my new favorite shows on  It’s a Millennial eating show (JBJ Sang Gyun & Dong Han’s Honbab) out of S.K. with two members of the group JBJ (Just Be Joyful).  I caught a few episodes before getting hooked.  I was charmed by their adorable personalities and the presentations of the dining spots.  It’s always refreshing for Foodies to get outside of their own country to see how foods are presented.  I was learning a lot.

Portion control is one thing that I’ve noticed with a lot of places.  Theme concepts (American outdoor BBQ concept) to classy Hipster craft beer tasting spots (Organic fruit beers, Gorgonzola pizza with honey, and pulled pork fries) all came across.  One episode even had 10+ mini courses that changed daily.   Every course was the main course.  I started thinking even more about the Future of Food as the Next Generation comes about. 

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Here are some things that we can expect to see…

*Cafes vs. Restaurants – Beyond portion controls, cafes will become the new restaurants.  Cute themes and decor will continue to make their way in.  This includes hamburger flipping robots like Flippy.

*Vegan Friendly – As more chains adopt vegan menu items, we’ll certainly see Vegan Fast Food restaurants come about that take it on 100 percent.  Options are always great for those seeking healthy alternatives.  I’ve yet to make it to 100% Vegan.  I don’t believe that anyone should be 100% anything.  Bring options in once in awhile for balance.  There are plenty of options out there! 😉

*Fusions & Basics – Fusions will continue as the Next Generations travel and taste other culture’s cuisines.  There will simply be more mixing and mingling with tastes.  Going back to basic ingredients will come back around as well.  Who even thought to make mac and cheese fancy?  Food will simply find a healthy and lovely balance again. 🙂

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