The Future of Travel

future of travel

I wrote about The Future of Relationships in a previous post.  Here is Part 2…The Future of Travel.  Travel can be a great experience once you get through the initial To Do lists.  Here are some key points to keep in mind for the best travel experiences…now and in the future.

* Bullet Trains – Anything that can speed its way to a destination with timely precision is a win.  Even the U.S. is on the path to getting its first train up and running within the next ten years.  Most Worldwide trains will get an upgrade though.  Luxury sleeper trains to greater train amenities will provide a nice alternative to flying. 

* Private Jets/Flying Taxis – More private jets to flying taxis will be available for groups and travelers.  Ride share platforms will simply make them more accessible for normal and/or special occasions. 

* Self Driving and Electric Transportation – Self driving and electric vehicles have already received a lot of buzz.  They will simply continue to transform how the World moves around.  They will allow you more time to take in the views.

Some handy travel tips to consider are…

* Insulated Cooler Bags – This is is a handy trick for those who are traveling to tropical locations.  It can act as a light waterproof carry on for clothes and/or snacks.

* Pack at Your Destination – This is a handy trick for light packing.  Simply shop at your destination when you have a better idea of the weather and your vacation needs.  Simple delivery services and toiletries like essential oils (tea tree oil, rosehip oil, peppermint oil, etc) can also provide multiple uses during your trips.

* Travel Resources – This is a smart way to get to know your destinations from a local’s perspective.  Cost of Living maps like to Word Health Ranking maps like can give you a heads up on how to stay healthy and on a budget.  You may be surprised by some of the facts that you learn!

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