Widow’s Peak in Face Reading


I discussed the unique Dimples feature in the previous blog post HERE.  I will continue to use the adorable BTS members as my muse examples for Widow’s Peaks as well.  We have the adorable “Jikook” ship (Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook) above as a visual example.  Jungkook’s Widow’s Peak is under his hair.  As someone who carries both a Dimple and a Widow’s Peak like Jimin and Jungkook, it’s quite the unique combination of humor meets strength. 

Widow’s Peaks are known as the Androgynous feature.  Men will often be in touch with their feminine sides.  Women will often be in touch with their masculine sides.  This doesn’t take away from a man’s masculinity or a woman’s femininity though.  The balance makes for an individual who carries both sensitivity and strength.  These are individuals who prefer to do things their own way in life and love.

Does the Widow’s Peak mean that someone will outlast their partners? 

Although this is not always the case, I have found that many with this hairline do experience a type of “vampire gene”.  They seem to outlast many of their romantic partners.  This is where it’s interesting to see how two Widow’s Peaks perform in the “ageless” couple combination.  It may simply be the couple that outlasts everyone!

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