Neptune in Retrograde

neptune retrogradeIt’s quite normal for planets to head retrograde every year for inner reflection.  Mercury (planet of thoughts, communication, technology, travel) is a common retrograde that happens multiple times a year.  This is often a wonky time in relationships to travel.  Misunderstandings and delays often occur.  It’s simply a time for reevaluations in our lives. 

Neptune (planet of illusions) heads retrograde every year for about 5 months.  This is personally one of my favorite transits.  It’s when the wool gets pulled away from people’s eyes.  You will find yourself looking at things as they really are vs. how you wish to see them.  Things may be revealed in the World that you may have never noticed before. 

Some of my most “bizarre” spiritual experiences have occurred during Neptune in Retrograde transits.  Needless to say I’m not phased by much.  Somehow these transits continue to educate though.  It can be very healing to all areas of your life.  It’s quite common for the past to come back around during these retrograde cycles.  This is merely for reevaluations.  It’s best to take on practical and spiritual viewpoints during these times.  Write down game plans for objectivity,  discuss solutions vs. problems, and welcome the truth as it shows itself to you.  This is a wonderful time to take care of yourself with healthy exercises, healthy foods, and healthy communications.

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