Dimples in Face Reading

happy music notes

Dimples have always been a cute feature on the young and “old”.  The “how old?” is usually a guessing game for many.  Assume 20+ for any images on the site.

Dimples bring forth wonderful qualities for those who possess them.

Dimpled individuals are youthful, charmers/flirts, and humorous.  We are a smooth bunch that can go from saucy to cute in a matter of smiling seconds.  This is often due to the comedian within that’s always taking the stage. 

You can find many dimples in the world of entertainment for this reason. 

The Kpop group BTS is surrounded with dimples in nearly every member of the 7 member group.  The missing Suga has his own unique qualities. 

It’s truly a Brady Bunch of cuteness. 

Their youthful energies, singing and dancing talents, and dimpled sense of humors are an entertaining sight to take in.  Give the group a try.



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