Psychic Clair Senses


​Every psychic utilizes different Clair (clear) sensory abilities when it comes to tuning into your questions and concerns.  All of their abilities are guided along by their trusted spirit guides.  Three of the most common abilities that many psychics use are Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience.  All of these clair senses are available for you to open up to as well.  We are all psychic at the end of the day. It’s not a super power.  Be weary of those who describe it as so.  These are normal senses.  Shielding with white light protection is recommended for those who work with their clair senses on a daily basis.


Clairvoyance stands for clear vision.  This is the ability to see images, words, numbers, etc clearly in the mind’s third eye.  This is a common clair sense for many psychics.  Visual learners and artists naturally use their clairvoyant abilities as they work from visual inspirations.  Many experience clairvoyant messages during their dreams and meditative waking states.


Clairvoyance stands for clear hearing.  This is the ability to hear words, numbers, etc clearly in the mind.  Audio learners can fine tune their natural Clairaudience by taking note of the messages that come into their consciousness.  Messages can be received in a dream state, waking state, and/or meditative state.


Clairsentience stands for clear feeling.  This is the ability to clearly feel out information from an energetic source.  A form of Clairsentience that involves feeling out information from a physical object is known as Psychometry.  Empaths who pick up energies around them are natural Clairsentients.

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