Feng Shui Party Planning

feng shui party planning

Create greater harmony and flow at your party with Feng Shui Design.
Here are some important factors to keep in mind when you are designing your
party space.

Compass Directions and Elements

 Feng shui design operates best when you utilize your home or party space’s
compass directions.

North Sector – Water helped by Metal
Northeast Sector – Earth helped by Fire
East Sector – Wood helped by Water
Southeast Sector – Wood helped by Water
South Sector – Fire helped by Wood
Southwest Sector – Earth helped by Fire
West Sector – Metal helped by Earth
Northwest Sector – Metal helped by Earth

Furniture Arranging

Make sure that your furniture is placed away from the walls.
You want to leave enough space for chi (energy) to flow around buffet tables and seating groups.
Create designated spaces for eating, socializing, dancing, and relaxing.

You want your guests to circulate your party spaces easily and effortlessly.
Place circular tables for drinks and appetizers throughout your party.
Keep seating comfortable with pillows and plenty of room to spread out.

Food and Drinks

The types of foods and drinks that you serve will depend on your party’s theme.
Make sure that your food choices incorporate the five elements
(fire, water, earth, metal, wood).
Spicy dishes bring out the fire element.
Cool and refreshing dishes bring out the water element.
Having an assortment of appetizers and elemental dishes will allow guests to feel balanced.
Arrange buffet tables to flow by varying the heights of your food dishes.


Make sure that you have a designated spot for party games and bands.
Balance musical genres for a yin and yang flow.
You will want to place your entertainment away from the quieter areas.
A great location for entertainment is the South sector of your home and/or party space. 

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