5 Ways to Feng Shui for Love

feng shui for love

Feng Shui (fung shway) is the ancient chinese art of
placement.  Feng Shui design is all about balancing and harmonizing your environment’s chi (energy).  Through the use of colors, design, and compass directions, you can truly transform your environments.  A transformed environment translates to a transformed life.  Here are five ways to transform your love life today.

1.  Declutter 

Clutter creates energy blocks in your environment.
Get organized by ridding everything that’s nolonger working in your life.
Divide your home into sections for daily or weekly decluttering.
Create bins labeled Trash, Donate, File, and Recycle.
Take your bins to their designated dumping grounds at the end of each day.
This will help you to stay organized and avoid overwhelm for the next day’s tasks.
Take a look at everything from furniture clutter to paper clutter.
The feng shui energy starts grooving the minute you start moving!

2.  Southwest Sector

The Southwest sector is known as your Love and Relationships
sector.  This is the area that governs all of your relationships
(business, family, friends, romance).
Bring in pinks, yellows, beige, white, and a little red to the Southwest.

3.  Pair Items 

Love starts within before it manifests outward.
See yourself paired up by pairing everything else up.  Enjoy two end tables
next to a cozy loveseat, artwork that displays a couple in love, and/or a lovely
dining table set for two.  The pairings are truly endless.

4.  Bedroom Decor

Your bedroom rules your health and relationships.
Pay attention to the design and decor of the environment.
Make sure that your bed has a side table on each side.
This will manifest equal partnerships.
Have a strong headboard and baseboard as well.
This will manifest stability and security in your relationships.
Bring in the essence of sensuality with silk sheets, faux sheepskin rugs, and cozy blankets.  You want to create a relaxing and cozy environment for yourself.

Bedroom No Nos
Avoid blacks and blues.  These colors are associated with the water element.
You don’t want to water down your relationships.
Avoid a home office in the bedroom.  Your bedroom is for rest and relaxation.
Avoid mirrors that reflect the bed.  Mirrors bounce energy around.  This disturbs your health and sleep.  Mirrors can also create a “third party” energy in your relationship.  Televisions should be covered up or taken out.
You want your bedroom to be a sanctuary where the only distraction is your partner.

5.  Create Your Ideal Partner

Knowing what you want will save you a lot of time in relationships.
Create an ideal partner and/or relationship list to place in the Southwest sector.
List the Top 20 qualities that you love about yourself.
This will help you to understand the partner qualities that will compliment you best.

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