Angelina Jolie’s Mini Face Reading

angelina jolie

Today we will take a look at Angelina’s Forehead, Eyebrows, Eyes, and Mouth.
This mini Face Reading covers a few of the facial features that are included in your
Face Reading.


Angelina’s forehead reveals a great leader in her field.  She has certainly made her mark in the film industry.   She is a hard worker who has become quite successful.  She strives to reach new goals each and every day.  Despite the fact that Angelina has stated that she doesn’t have many female friends, she is actually very easy going and approachable.  The fact that she is a bit unconventional and prefers to work independently may be the problem.  Her forehead also indicates that money can be a very big motivation for her.  She keeps it fair in her business dealings though.  She wants everyone to get an equal share.  Her challenge is bossiness.
She enjoys being the boss when she can.
Her characters are often strong and independent for this reason. 

Numerology insights reveal similar characteristics with her first letter “A” 
aka the “Numero Uno” number.


Angelina loves starting new projects, traveling, and being a creative force.   It’s the follow through that trips her up.
A good director and/or partner helps to keep her motivated and on track.
Angelina is an emotional woman who loves to give.  She is much more sensitive than people realize.  She is an intelligent woman who is always thinking about her next venture.  She enjoys multitasking with her children.
Her eyebrows match up quite well with her Gemini Astrology Sign.  She loves to talk and share her knowledge.  Adventure and action draw her in.  She will go to the ends of the Earth for a new discovery.  This explains her Tomb Raider movies!  Having fulfillment in her relationships is very important to her. 


Angelina’s eyes reveals a sensitive nature.  She loves to bond with her children.  She wants to know their deepest secrets.  She usually has an optimistic view of life.  A breakup, divorce, or loss of any kind can really devastate her.  Her love runs deep.  This creates a loyal individual who wants to truly merge with her partner.  Her large eyes indicate an open soul that wants to invite you in.  Her interest in the occult contributes to her mystery.  She has a way of blurring between light and dark energies.


Angelina’s mouth reveals a woman that speaks her mind.  She can talk about anything and everything.  She doesn’t know the meaning of the word “controversial”.  Everything is open for discussion and/or experimentation.  She is a sexual individual who is free in her expressions.  She equally gives and takes in love.  She expects the same give and take from others.  She has a free spirit and a great sense of humor.  Her mouth creates an attractive aura around her.  This makes both men and women crush on her.  She is fully aware of her sexual magnetism.  She will definitely use it to get what she wants.  This brings about a very persuasive individual.  Her exotic energy sources from her mouth.

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