5 Ways to Feng Shui Your Purse

gold purse

The Element of Water (blue and black) represents money flow.
The Element of Metal (white, gold, silver) represents stability.
The Element of Wood (green and brown) represents financial growth.

You will want to make sure that your purse and wallet exudes luxury.
This allows you to attract greater luxury into your life.

1.   Declutter

The best way to begin any manifestation process is to start with a clean slate
(mental, emotional, and physical).
Start by dumping everything out of your purse and wallet.
This will allow you to see how your life and finances are being cluttered.

2.  Organize Your Wallet’s Cash

* Have atleast one $100 bill to remind you that you always have enough.
A wallet that has physical cash in it allows your subconscious to feel wealthy and attract even more wealth.

3. Keep Your Change

Transfer your coins to a savings jar at the end of the day.
You can easily transfer it into gift cards and cash when it’s full.

4.  Organize Your Wallet’s Cards

Keep your most used discount cards on your key chain.

5.  Organize Your Purse

Less is truly more when it comes to the Feng Shui Purse.
Rock a small purse that has a zipper and pockets for any of the following…

– Golf Pencil or Pen with a Mini Notepad
– Mini Hand Sanitizer
–  Chapstick, Wet Wipes, Eye drops, Qtips, Mini Sewing Kit, etc
– Mints, Nuts, Folding Water Bottle, etc
– Cell Phone

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